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MacBook Parts

MacBook Parts and repair help specialist. We stock all common MacBook Parts and can get any part for the Apple MacBook. If you dont see a MacBook Part listed, email us and we can get it for you within a few days.
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Common MacBook Problems

1. Cracked Screen - We sell a ton of replacement MacBook Screens. They are fairly easy to install other than getting the inverter cable plugged in correctly. We have a great step-by-step MacBook Screen instruction guide that will help you through the process.

2. Defective KeyBoard or Trackpad - Often caused by a spill to the keyboard. The good news is, if everything else is still working, a new keyboard should fix the problem. Replace the keyboard and palm rest assembly and while you're in there clean up any visible liquid you see. Pay special attention to the area on the logic board where the battery connector plugs in.

3. Battery Charging Problem - This can be caused by a defective battery (try swapping with a friend to eliminate that possibility), a defective Magsafe DC In Board, defective battery Board, or a defective Logic Board. It's likely the Magsafe Board if there has not seen any water damage. If liquid has entered the machine there is a good chance the logic board is causing the charging issue.

4. DVD Drive not working - There are two common problems with the DVD Drive. If the problem is with ejecting, many times that can be fixed by opening the MacBook and bending the brace around the opening back into the correct shape (a free fix!). All other issues will need a new DVD drive.