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Common Repair issues and solutions for the Apple iPod Touch.

Issue: Cracked front glass panel.
Solution: On the iPod Touch the The glass panel is glued into a mid-frame. The Gen 1 iPod Touch has a metal frame and the Gen 2 and Gen 3 iPod Touch has a plastic frame. You can repair this issue by replacing the Digitizer and front glass or the Complete Digitizer and front glass assembly which makes the repair process much easier.

Issue: Cracked, Broken or defective LCD Screen. ie Dark spots, white screen, dim screen, etc
Solution: Most LCD Screen issue can be remedied by replacing the LCD Screen itself but in cases of water damage the issue may be caused by the main logic board.

Issue: Defective Home Button.
Solution: On the Gen 1 Touch the home button electronics are attached to the Main Logic Board. Sometimes there can be an alignment issue that can be fixed without parts. On the Gen 2 and 3 the home button is between the front glass and the frame which makes the replacement much more difficult.


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