Apple Training - Non-full Assembly (On Location)

Apple Training - Non-full Assembly (On Location)
Apple Training - Non-full Assembly (On Location)
Apple Training - Non-full Assembly (On Location)

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    On Location Apple Non Full Assembly Training

    Through this hands-on, instructor led course, you will learn the steps required to repair the devices listed below. Diagnostics, safety, and common troubleshooting techniques are also reviewed to minimize issues during the repair process. The details specific to this training are as follows:

    Number of participants

    3-5 People


    Location of your choosing


    Beginner level focused for those new to phone repair

    Time Requirement

    8-hour training session typically from 9-5:30pm C.S.T.


    iPhone 6 (Covers i6+, i6S, i6S+), i7 (Covers i7+, i8, i8+), iPhone X (Covers iXS, iXS Max, iXR)

    Repairs Covered

    Non Full Assembly Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Charging Port Replacement

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