iBic Premium Adhesive Kit for use with iPod Touch Gen 4 Screen

Use this adhesive during iPod Touch generation 4 repair.

Compatible with and detailed description:

  • This tool is universal.

Premium Plus Premium Plus Adhesive Kit for iPod Touch Gen 4 Screen. Top and Bottom Kit. Compatible with Gen 4 iPod Touch Only Model # A1367. Use this adhesive kit to reassemble the iPod Touch. You may also be interested in our 10-pack.

This adhesive kit was designed by eTech Parts and custom laser cut in the USA using a superior adhesive tape. Our custom adhesive kits are designed to be much easier to install and hold better than any other adhesive kit. This is the best adhesive kit you can buy

High tack, quick stick
Excellent sheer strength
Adherence to a variety of substrates
Excellent conformability to irregular surfaces

SPECIFICATIONS: Adhesion to Steel: 88 oz/in.
Thickness Tape: 5.0 mils
Liner: 3.2 mils
Total: 8.2 mils
Tensile Strength: 15 lbs/in.
Elongation: 50
Service Temperature: 0F to 250F
Moisture Resistance: Good
Conformability: Excellent
Quick Stick: Excellent
Adhesion to a Variety of Substrates: Excellent
Shelf Life: 1 year

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