The Nasan Protection Mold is a metal template that protects the iPhone during the laser process. Such a simple concept helps prevent you from damaging an iPhone when using a fiber laser to remove back glass adhesive.  As the laser runs its patterns over the phone, the mold protects the iPhones vital areas preventing damage to the frames bezel, camera, wireless charging, charging ports or flexes. There isn't a need to be a Pro when using the laser to remove back glass, when you have a template that blocks out the lasers path.

The molds are made of aluminum and come in a set of 13 molds that cover the iPhone 8/8 Plus / X / XR / XS / XS Max / 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 12 Mini / 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max.  While the templates are universal for use with any fiber laser, they unfortunately do not work with the Blue Light Laser due to sizing constraints.

This product is great if:

  • You’ve ever had an issue aligning the device accurately underneath the machine
  • Your calibration is off & the red and white lights don’t match up
  • You want an added layer of protection for the sensitive areas of an iPhone

To use the product:

  • Put the phone flat inside the mold through the holder at the bottom
  • Place the metal template on top of the phone for protection
  • Place the mold and phone under the focal point of the laser ensuring the focus point is on the glass of the phone and not the metal of the mold
  • Open a new file on the laser software
  • Draw a rectangle
  • Hit the fill button, ensure that “cross fill” is selected and click ok
  • Place the phone and mold under the burn area of the machine. Click “red light” to check the alignment with the phone
  • Move the phone and mold or the rectangle on the software until the rectangle completely outlines the phone
  • Select mark on the software to begin the burning process
  • TECH TIP: Always test the device at the following points to help identify where damage is being caused: Prior to beginning the repair, after running the laser, after prying off the back glass, and upon final completion of the repair.

Overall, we recommend this product for peace of mind knowing there is a physical component keeping the iPhone from being damaged during the back glass laser process.  If you are thinking about buying a laser, there are several great options we offer.  From the beginner base model that will remove back glass, up to models that will allow you to engrave devices with custom logos or asset tags, there's a laser for you.   Make sure that you choose a laser that not only fits the volume needs for your shop, but also your budget.  We have several customers that have added significant profit to their store, just by offering back glass repair.

Let's run a quick math problem.  You sell a back glass repair for $99 and it costs you $10 in parts and 45 mins in labor to remove the back glass. Lets call that another $15 for your labor.  If you could cut that down to a 15 min repair, your saving $10 per repair! It's adding 10% back into your profitability!  Over the course of a year, you could save thousands!

You know you want a laser.  Go order a laser, grab the molds and get started with increasing your shops profits!  It's simple. Are you still there thinking about this? Or did you hit the "order now" button?


You can watch the tutorial live here

You can purchase the Laser used in this tutorial HERE

You can purchase the Nasan Protection iPhone Molds HERE