January 2010

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  1. iPhones Headphones Improved!! What a difference!

    I loved them so much I was compelled to blog about it! I was very surprised at the sound quality. They sound extremely good and they stay in my ear very well. I'm listening to Black Eyed Peas right now and the bass is fantastic.
  2. The Apple Tablet is Confirmed and will be released tomorrow!

    the Tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system and so it will be transferable.
  3. iPhone Gen 4 / 4G iPhone - Some Rumors, Some facts!

    The next generation iPhone Screen will be similar in style to the 1st generation iPhone where the LCD, Digitizer and Glass are all fused together. This is very disappointing from a repair aspect because it will mean much higher costs if the screen gets cracked.
  4. MacBook Replacement LCD Screens in Short Supply

    The good news is that we have our hands on a good supply of the LG screens at the moment which means we should be able to hold our low price for a quite a while.
  5. 2nd Gen iPod Touch Repair made easy!

    This part is the Glass front panel, Digitizer(touch sensor), Digitizer Frame, and Home Button already pre-assembled. This part is very easy to install. No more picking broken glass out of the frame or swapping the home button assembly from the old frame you tried so hard not to break but it broke anyway.

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