Going to China (…so you don’t have to)


Today I am on my way to China. With a bit of excitement I might add. Since our big goal for next year is to step up our game in terms of quality I thought I would start by paying a visit to our vendors. We already have the lowest rate of return in this industry but we never rest. We want to be even better than best. Sort of invincible… This will also be another opportunity for us to solidify our already strong relationships with our vendors. I am particularly excited to visit our vendors’ new factories. I will be visiting the factory where our iBic screens are made, and spend some time at a couple others where replacement parts are assembled.

We are always looking for something relevant and useful for the repair shops that support us. And while it’s cool to carry the latest and coolest set of headphones or plastic case, our dealers/repair shops are mostly concerned about having a reliable replacement part 100% of the time. Your goal is to reconnect your customers’ old and new devices back to the App Store or iTunes, the greatest media library on the planet, our goal is to help you make that process flawless. I promise that as the General Manager of eTech Parts that is my goal for your repair business.

About to board my next flight to Hong Kong, I will catch up with you later.

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