Apple’s ‘Disappointing’ Quarter STILL Broke Previous Record

The past few weeks have been tough on Apple’s reputation with rumors flying in and out of what seems like every tech blog on the Web. Reports of sales dropping, a “disappointing” quarterly sales report, and a plummeting stock value are popping up in articles everywhere, leading many to doubt the future of Apple. However, what many articles failed to report was that Apple delivered record revenue – making their previous quarter the most profitable quarter for a tech company ever.


From Statista: This chart shows the net income of America’s most profitable companies in the quarter ended December 31, 2012.


Apple’s $13.1 billion sales quarter just barely beat the previous record of $13.06 billion, a record number also held by Apple. So to those of you fretting about the “end of Apple” as we know it, have no fear! We can assume Apple, as one of the world’s most profitable companies, will be around for a while. Though there may be a slight and inevitable slowdown for Apple, we can assume the company – as profitable as it is – is here to stay.

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