Where’s iPod Touch 5G Screens?!

Unicorns, Big Foot, and the Loch Ness Monster: just a few examples of the unanswered mysteries of the universe. Last year North Korean officials reportedly discovered an ancient Unicorn lair, which according to Gizmodo proved the existence of ancient North Korean King Tongmyong. Just last month, Charlie Sheen went on a last-minute trip to Scotland to hunt for the Loch Ness Monster. Armed only with a bottle of scotch and a sweet helmet, as TMZ reported Charlie didn’t even catch a glimpse of ol’ Nessie.


Another unanswered mystery is where in the world are the iPod Touch 5G replacement screens? This is a question eTech Parts has gotten accustomed to since the release of the iPod Touch 5th Generation. At first, there was no word on when or where the replacement screens would be available. After months of waiting, eTech Parts finally got a shipment of the replacement screens for the iPod Touch 5! We were thrilled, but it was short-lived as we soon realized the quality of the parts were nowhere near eTech Parts high quality standards. We pulled the batch and sent them back to our vendor, refunded our customers and began playing the waiting game once more…

While there may be aftermarket screens available elsewhere for this device, our vendors know the aftermarket parts don’t meet our standards of quality – one of the main reasons we appreciate our suppliers and manufacturers. So far we’re heard from our vendors overseas that quality is the biggest issue with the availability of these parts. The fact that Apple decreased the amount of orders for the iPod Touch 5 definitely doesn’t help the availability of parts, either. We are communicating with vendors daily to make sure eTech Parts is the first to know when these parts are available.

If you’ve heard anything from a legitimate source about these parts, let us know! We’d love to hear from you and gain more insight into this complicated issue. Like us on Facebook, join in the conversation on the Repair Community, and stay tuned for more industry news from eTech Parts.

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