Going Above and Beyond

As automated telephone systems and in-store self-checkouts become more and more commonplace in our everyday life, excellent customer service has become much harder to find. Offering excellent customer service is what sets a business apart from the rest and can create customers for life. What are YOU doing to go above and beyond for customers?

Just think: how many outstanding customer experiences have you had? Chances are you haven’t had too many, and the ones you’ve had made you a customer for life. You probably told at least 3 people about your awesome experience, and maybe even gave the business a 5 star rating on Yelp! Great customer service can add priceless value to your services and keep customers coming back for more. According to an article by Technically Marketing called “The Importance of the Customer Experience,” 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience – but merely 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. Ouch. Those numbers say it all.

above and beyond

“Going above and beyond” is a phrase used pretty frequently here at eTech Parts. We do our absolute best to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations – and even if it costs us a little along the way, that exceptional customer experience is always worth it. We’ve learned from years of customer service experience, and from experiences as customers ourselves.

Jeremy, Director of Marketing at eTech Parts: “I had a large gathering at my house one day for production on a music video, mostly thinking, “Why did I volunteer my own home for this?” Like most small business owners, I sacrificed what I could to cut budgets. The food provided for the day was bought at a local grocery store and included several bags of chips from the local staple, Guys. I quickly discovered that all the BBQ chip bags were filled with plain chips. People eat free food regardless, so it wasn’t a problem but I wanted to call them to make sure they were aware of an obvious batch issue. 2 hours later, the Marketing Director from Guys was at my front door with a case of fresh-as-the-day Guys BBQ Chips. I didn’t ask for any reimbursement or action, and they didn’t mention it when we talked. I was speechless then and I’ve told that story countless times to anyone who brings up amazing customer experiences. My family makes every attempt to support local business, and that “above and beyond” moment that day further sealed their place in our shopping cart when we make the grocery run.”

Jeff, Operations Manager at eTech Parts: “While living in Nashville, TN in the mid 90’s my wife and I purchased a vehicle at the Infinity dealership and the service we received was unlike any other car dealership I’ve experienced even today. I don’t remember every detail of the buying experience, but I do know after the test drive, we committed to buying the vehicle while they were backed up in the finance department. While we waited they let us take the new car to go to lunch wherever we chose – and they covered the cost! After the sale, the service, and the fact that they offered a free car wash and vacuum every Saturday for as long as you owned the vehicle, I was a customer for the entirety of my time in Nashville. It was overall the best service from a car dealership I have ever experienced to this day – and the reason I’ve purchased 5 Infinity cars both from Nashville and the Infinity dealership in Kansas City.”

These kinds of exceptional customer experiences are what keep customers loyal and eager to return. Going the extra mile to satisfy your customers can be as easy as making a personal connection – remembering a name – or as challenging as staying open an extra couple hours so a customer can get their phone fixed before going on vacation. There are a number of ways to go above and beyond, you just have to do it!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, industry updates, and company news from your favorite parts supplier, eTech Parts.

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Todd S

about 3 years ago

Just this week, I had an experience like Jeremy's with etech. It was totally unexpected and very much appreciated. Just confirms what I've always known about you guys. Thanks again Ben, Todd S Hernando MS

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