Market Price Check: iPhone 5 Repairs

When Apple announced they would begin offering repairs on the iPhone 5 for $149, members of our Repair Community panicked: “Is anyone going to choose a third party repair shop over an authorized Apple repair?!” As it turns out, the answer is a resounding yes! The majority of iPhone users prefer local repair shops to Apple store repairs. In many cases, there’s no local Apple store and the only alternative is shipping the device to Apple for them to repair it. Most people dislike going without their phone for days at a time, and instead choose a local repair shop to repair their iPhone. While the price of replacement parts for the iPhone 5 continues to drop, and with the emergence of iPhone 5 glass-only repairs, repair shops across the country and around the world are able to reasonably price their iPhone 5 repairs to compete with Apple.


Just a glance at this map shows you prices for iPhone 5 repairs are nowhere near uniform. Kyle Cross of Mobile Miracles in St. Louis, MO offers iPhone 5 repairs for $125, while Beth Giambrone of Fast Fix in Rochester, NY is offering the repair for $250! The strongest price point we see is around $149, which is surely priced to compete with Apple’s repair prices.


Beth Giambrone

about 4 years ago

We dropped our prices down to $200 this week actually!


about 4 years ago

Another point to sell to customers ... Lets say the phone is in month 3 of warranty and they bring the phone into Apple for a screen repair. Then in month 7 the power button stops working. Apple is going to say ... the power button failed because of past damage and it's not covered under warranty. It's always better to have a repair shop do the job :-)

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