February 2015

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  1. Save More on New Parts for Samsung

    Save More on New Parts for Samsung
    At eTech Parts we understand your needs as a business owner and the importance of competing on quality, service, and at times, price. So when our customers expressed concern about pricing on our authorized Samsung repair parts, we began the search for a high-quality aftermarket and economical solution. Introducing our new line of no-frame, no-logo repair parts for Samsung devices...
  2. We Need Your Feedback!

    We Need Your Feedback!
    At eTech Parts we aim to be your ultimate problem solvers and solution providers. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and the driving force behind everything we do. We'll do just about anything to make our customers happy, but sometimes we need to ask what we could be doing better to further improve the eTech customer experience. Now we're...
  3. Testing Cables for iPhone 6/6+ Now in Stock!

    Testing Cables for iPhone 6/6+ Now in Stock!
    We know your customers demand the highest quality repair at the best prices - no matter if it's a simple iPhone battery replacement or a more intricate iPad glass screen repair. That's why we use LCD testing cables on a daily basis, to ensure the quality of our replacement screens remains consistent with the quality you expect from eTech Parts...
  4. Coming Soon.. Chinese New Year!

    Coming Soon.. Chinese New Year!
    Here at eTech Parts we've been bulking up our inventory to support you when industry-wide shortages hit. Getting your hands on wholesale repair parts iPhone during Chinese New Year can be tricky, especially if you don't prepare ahead of time. We'll do our best to stay well-stocked throughout the Chinese holiday, but we do suggest ordering a little extra inventory...

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