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March 2015

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  1. iPhone 5c tops list of most popular iPhone repairs

    iPhone 5c tops list of most popular iPhone repairs
    At eTech Parts we're always curious about the lives and work of our friends in the cell phone repair industry. So we asked members of the Repair Community which iPhone models they fix the most at their cell phone repair shop. According to the Community, the iPhone 5c tops the list as the most frequently repaired iPhone, with screen replacement...
  2. New Parts for ChromeBook

    New Parts for ChromeBook
    Over the past 3 years, ChromeBook laptops have become a popular educational tool utilized by schools nationwide. Its durability and affordability make it perfect for schools teaching small children and young teens. Though Chromebooks can withstand a fairly significant amount of damage when compared to other leading laptops, the device is far from unbreakable. Cracked screens and broken hinges can...
  3. Registration for Wireless Repair Expo 2015 is Officially Underway!

    Registration for Wireless Repair Expo 2015 is Officially Underway!
    That's right - Registration is officially open for the 2nd-annual Wireless Repair Expo during Super Mobility Week powered by CTIA2015! After the roaring success of last year's Repair Expo, we're beside ourselves with excitement and anticipation for what's to come. Wireless Repair Expo in Las Vegas September 9, 10, 11, 2015   >  Register now at >   Follow...
  4. Win a Free Poster for Your Repair Shop!

    Win a Free Poster for Your Repair Shop!
    Last week we published an infographic for the Repair Community to show the true retail values of popular smartphones. How Much Does Your Phone Really Cost?  was created by our team as a resource for repair shop owners to help inform retail repair customers. This digital piece can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and you can even put it...
  5. FedEx Overnight Service Delays

    FedEx Overnight Service Delays
    A winter storm in March is just another day in Kansas for us at eTech Parts, but unfortunately it's caused some serious problems for people in other regions. FedEx is experiencing service delays after severe winter weather affected the hub in Memphis last night. Recent update from FedEx: "Delays across the U.S. can be expected for many packages with a...
  6. The End is Nigh..

    The End is Nigh..
    For the Chinese Spring Festival, that is! Demand is high and supplies are low as Chinese New Year 2015 quickly comes to an end. It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year in true eTech Parts fashion - with over 100 yellow boxes arriving for our final shipment from China. Like every year we plan...
  7. How Much Does Your Phone Really Cost?

    How Much Does Your Phone Really Cost?
    If you own and operate a cell phone repair shop, we're sure you're familiar with the phrase, "You want how much to fix my phone? But I only paid $199 for it!!" Many consumers are unaware the true value of a smartphone is more than the rate provided with a subsidized contract. What seems to be a great deal at...
  8. Scam Site - Beware!

    Please take note of this online scam affecting several stateside wholesale cell phone parts suppliers. DO NOT give your personal information to any website or person claiming to be eTech Parts, unless you're 100% sure of its legitimacy. Maybe you noticed something phishy after Google-searching "etech parts" recently. Last week we discovered eTech Parts was the target of a duplicate...

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