November 2015

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  1. Discover Deals at eTech Parts!

    Discover Deals at eTech Parts!
    We have new parts arriving daily at eTech Parts. While this is exciting for us, and hopefully you, sometimes we need to make room. That means it is time for a clearance blowout. Continue reading →
  2. Closed for Holidays

    Closed for Holidays
    It may be too early to start listening to Christmas music, but it’s not too early to start planning for the holiday season. While eTech Parts employees are looking forward to celebrating with their families, we also want to make sure you guys are covered! That’s why we put together a list of dates we will be closed (and unable to...
  3. 5 Ways eTech Training can help your shop grow

    5 Ways eTech Training can help your shop grow
    Running a repair shop isn’t an easy job. You guys made it known one of the largest problems you face is hiring, training, and retaining technicians. Unanimously this was the biggest pain point most of you suffered from. A year or so ago we set out to help our customers solve this problem — and eTech Training was born. Continue reading →
  4. New gTools Now in Stock!

    New gTools Now in Stock!
    eTech Parts is excited to offer you a new and improved line of tools from gTool! That’s right, gTool has released an updated line of tools including the new and improved gTool PanelFormer Pro! Quality tools and parts equal successful repair shops, which is why we only offer you the very best. If you haven’t seen the gTool PanelFormer Pro in...
  5. 5 reasons why repair shops need employees

    5 reasons why repair shops need employees
    But I can’t afford to hire anyone, I won’t make any money! The above statement is one we hear far too often in the repair industry — particularly among small, independent shop owners. While this may make sense the first few months, or even the first year you’re in business, it can’t be a sentiment you carry with you long term. Here are five things to seriously think about when it comes to the future success of your repair business: Continue reading →

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