We had a great time with the wireless repair community in Nashville! wireless-repair-roundup-collageIf you weren't with us, then you really missed out. The repair industry is rapidly growing. As we continue to grow, it is important to remember that working together will be the most beneficial for all. There is room for all members of the Repair Community to grow. The Wireless Repair Roundup was a great chance for members of the wireless repair community to connect and make plans for the future.

Michelle James, technology community organizer and producer of Wireless Repair Events, was impressed by the repair community that came to Nashville.

The Wireless Repair Roundup exceeded my expectations for both the professionalism presented by the speakers and the eagerness of the entire audience who sat still in a beautiful conference at the Music City Center in Nashville for an entire day asking really smart questions.  The goal of this regional event was to underscore best practices in owning and running a profitable wireless repair business. We covered a lot of territory in a single day, but that is how we roll in repair!  I was impressed that not one person left the room, and not one device rang all day.  The pre-show cocktail party facilitated great networking and the Think Tank session was a huge success giving repair store owners and other suppliers an opportunity to actually get to know each other in person.  Attendees were able to take home their very own Wireless Repair Playbook, for which I hope they continue to fill it with concrete plans that bring their goals to life. Building community is critical to the long term success of any trade.  We are greater as a community than any one of our individual efforts.  The Wireless Repair Roundup was living proof of this.  I look forward to facilitating more live events where the wireless repair community can continue to grow. Ultimately, consumers are counting us.

We were impressed with the attentiveness and professionalism of the wireless repair community as well. It seemed every attendee got something different out of the show, but one common thread was the relationships formed. It is inspiration seeing the electronic repair community come together like that! Don't just take out word for it, here's what some industry leaders who attended the Wireless Repair Roundup had to say about their experiences.Wireless Repair Roundup

"The show was a great tool to connect with other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs and the repair and protection space. I believe I developed lifelong friendships because of the few short days in Nashville. “

-KC Kelly from iQue Repair

"I do feel like we had ample time to build meaningful relationships. I have had several individuals contact me to continue to find ways to enhance the customer, and employee experience. I have found a great deal of synergies across many of the leaders that attended the meeting. The take away for me personally is the passion and commitment to provide solutions for the customer."

-Armando Alvarez from Staymobile

"I had a great time meeting a few people from eTech and putting faces to them. I also had the chance to meet fellow repair shop owners and trade business secrets and knowledge. It's also always nice to meet new people that face the same challenges I do in my shop everyday and learn new techniques to implement to solve these issues."

-Chandler Calvert from 2 Geeks iPhone Repair

"The roundup is a terrific way to gauge where the industry leaders are moving.  The talks are informative and exciting opportunities for partnership abound from all corners of the mobile repair industry."

-Jason DeWater from iFixOmaha

The Wireless Repair Roundup offered many great opportunities for the members of the repair community in attendance. One of these, as Chandler says, was the chance to talk shop with other cell phone and tablet repair business owners. For many attendees this was a huge part of the purpose of coming together. The other was to discuss the future and find actionable items to take home and start growing their business. The Playbook Michelle mentioned was this opportunity to take home lists of tips and ways to take your wireless repair business to the next level. This Playbook has everything from tips for marketing, advice concerning the customer experience, and tips for how to sell value add-ons. It includes worksheets to help cell phone and tablet repair shop owners take inventory of where their business is and make decisions about where there business is going next.

The chance to talk about these next steps and some of the possibilities for the wireless repair industry was a huge motivation to pay close attention to the presentations. During his presentation, Jeremy shared some insight on the current state of the wireless repair industry as well as this video. The video is starring real wireless repair shop owners discussing what it takes to run their businesses and the future of the wireless repair industry. See for yourself!

Overall, the Wireless Repair Roundup was a huge success for the wireless repair industry. Some themes we heard repeating were the importance of branding, the focus that should be on the customer experience, the necessity of creating legitimacy, and the broad possibilities the future may hold. The exciting experience was the perfect way to jump start the year for all. Regardless of how long you have been in business, or how you stumbled into this industry, there is a place for you in the wireless repair industry.

It was great to spend time with other industry leaders and start looking to our future. We know we will need to continue to learn and adapt to continue to be successful and we know we will be most successful when working together. We want to take a moment to thank everyone who came and participated in sessions, all who presented, and Michelle James and her team for giving everyone a place to come together. Without each and every one of you this wonderful experience would only exist in our dreams. Don't miss out on your next chance to network with industry leaders and get tips to take your business to the next level at the Wireless Repair Expo 2016!

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