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March 2020

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  1. Mom & Pop Small Business Day

    Mom & Pop Small Business Day
    With schools closing, businesses resorting to teleworking, and more people stuck at home, our society has never been more reliant on technology. As technology experts, you are in a unique position to keep people in communication. Mom and Pop Small Business Day is this Sunday and it's the perfect opportunity to reach out to your community to offer your services...
  2. Using Graphics to Better Market Your Shop

    Using Graphics to Better Market Your Shop
    It’s a slow day in the shop and you’re scrolling through Facebook when lo and behold Aunt Carol is posting about her cat…again. Your eyes glaze over the massive block of text dedicated to Mr. Whiskers. Now are you going to read all of that? Of course not! No one wants to read a dissertation and more importantly no one...
  3. COVID-19 Update

    COVID-19 Update
    Surely you’ve heard the news over the weekend that through March 27th, Apple retail locations are closing to minimize spread of the Coronavirus.  We can assume that third party repair shops will be in much higher demand over the coming weeks. While demand for repair services may slow as we work through the Coronavirus, customers are still in need of...
  4. Stop The Spread

    Stop The Spread
    Protect your Staff and Customers: Studies have found that the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, can survive on some surfaces for up to nine days, this includes mobile devices! (New York Post). It states that the COVID-19 coronavirus can be removed from surfaces to minimize risk of infection.  Since we have so much contact with mobile devices, it makes sense...
  5. Customer Spotlight – Darik Caswell from Burleson iPhone Repairs

    Customer Spotlight – Darik Caswell from Burleson iPhone Repairs
    Here at eTech Parts Plus we like to get to know and celebrate our customers, so we asked Darik Caswell, owner of Burleson iPhone Repairs, a few questions How long have you owned your repair shop? A little over 3 years What did you do before owning your own business? I got out of the Army in late 2010 and...
  6. Online Marketing for Repair Shops

    Online Marketing for Repair Shops
    Many business owners are already aware of how to market their repair shop offline through networking and local advertising, but they find themselves stuck when it comes to marketing online. Here are 10 ways you successfully can market your repair shop online-   Optimize your SEO Most business owners know that their websites need to be optimized in order for...

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