April 2020

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  1. Guest Blog with Parker Daniel of Fort Worth iPhone Repair

    Guest Blog with Parker Daniel of Fort Worth iPhone Repair
    Thanks again Parker for joining us for this guest blog! Just some back story: Parker and his team are from Fort Worth and run Fort Worth iPhone Repair.  They have been in business over 10 years and have mainly concentrated on iPhone only repairs. They have been working with the sales team at eTech and using our same day local...
  2. $310 Billion in Additional Funding!

    $310 Billion in Additional Funding!
    Maybe you missed the first round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans for small-business owners, but have been hearing about it in the news.  Due to the high demand, the government just opened up another round of $310 Billion for small business. If you missed the first round, maybe your business didn't quality or you've been unsure how to proceed...
  3. Spring Cleaning - Part #2

    Spring Cleaning - Part #2
    Spring Cleaning #2 – Keep scrubbing, don’t let your guard down!  A little extra cleaning will help keep your business open and cash flowing. In an earlier blog, we talked about the importance of cleaning each device as it comes into your store front.  Ensure that you continue to follow all the guidelines set out by the CDC.  Continue to...
  4. Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning
    What does your shop look like?  Does it need a little Spring cleaning? COVID-19 and Stay in Place orders have slowed the industry over the last few weeks. Its probably a good time for you to do Spring cleaning for your business. Clean up that stock room, dust counters and maybe even wash your shop windows! How about doing a...

      As a follow up to our Thrive messaging for small business, we encourage you to visit the SBA site to see how you can help your employees and your community.  The SBA has a great resource section that address the COVID-19 National response, as well as how you can protect your business on the local level.  This includes guidance...
  6. Social Distancing

    Social Distancing
      “Social Distancing” – This high-level message is currently being spread throughout the world.  As you are practicing your own social distancing, at work, grocery stores or from friends and relatives, you can also use this time to socially distance yourself from your business.   No, not like you’re taking a vacation, but looking at your business from a distance.  You...

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