Headphone Jack for 2nd Gen iPod Touch.

I want to remind all the dealers to check your shelves for 2nd Gen iPod Touch logic boards you may have set aside because everything worked but the sound. If your like us, you have a bunch. I'm so glad we saved them during those terrible months when this part was not available. Now you can repair them very inexpensively.

Complete Digitizer Assembly for 2nd Gen iPod Touch.

Another part that was impossible to find for what seemed like years was the 2nd Gen Touch home button assembly. Now that this part is available we are able to make the complete digitizer assembly. This part is the Glass front panel, Digitizer(touch sensor), Digitizer Frame, and Home Button already pre-assembled. This part is very easy to install. No more picking broken glass out of the frame or swapping the home button assembly from the old frame you tried so hard not to break but it broke anyway. Dealers will be pleased to see the wholesale price on this part has been lowered substantially and individuals no have a viable option to repair the iPod Touch themselves.

Here is a coupon for the Complete Digitizer Assembly for 2nd Gen iPod Touch.

Use coupon code “touchsale” to get $10 off.

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