In today’s world, almost everyone has a cellphone. It is attached to us closer than anything else that we carry. It has become a part of our daily lives and flows seamlessly with everything we do throughout the day. One of the most gut-wrenching feelings is when your battery dies, and you have no way to charge it. You become disconnected from the world. You can’t check your social media, you can’t order rides, food, or anything else and have it show up right to you. Have no fear, Tech Bob is here to show you how to maximize your battery life and never find yourself in that situation.

Understanding the Lithium-Ion Battery 

Most cellphones today use Lithium-ion Batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries (Li-ion for short) is the best available technology when it comes to mobile electronics. This is because it lasts longer, charges faster, and holds more power in a relatively light package. In Apple devices, Li-ion batteries fast charges to 80% and then trickle charges the last 20%. This means that you will get to 80% quickly when charging and charging will slow down the last 20%. This is so you can have more power quickly, but it also helps preserve the life of your battery.

What is a Charge Cycle?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to let your device fully charge and discharge when it comes to Li-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries work in charge cycles. This allows you to charge your device whenever you would like without rapidly depleting the battery’s life. A charge cycle is complete when you have used (drained) 100% of the battery’s capacity. As an example, let’s say you use 50% of your battery one day and you recharge your device that same night to 100%. When you have used 50% of your battery the following day, you would have completed 1 charge cycle. As a reference, batteries can go through 300-500 charge cycles before they diminish to 80% of their full capacity.

How do I Maximize my Battery Life?

It is natural for batteries to deplete as they age but here are some ways to avoid speeding up this process:

  • Avoid using faulty chargers
  • Try to avoid extreme temperatures (high and low)
  • Adjust your screen brightness to a lower setting
  • Make sure your device’s software is up to date
  • Turn on auto lock
  • Use low power mode

Is your device experiencing slow charging, not charging at all, rapidly draining, or randomly shutting off? These are signs that you may need to replace your battery. eTech has a wide variety of batteries for all different types of devices.

We know how important your cellphone is and we don’t want you to be stranded without it. We hope that you have gained an understanding of your battery and that you use these tips to help preserve its life. When it comes to batteries, knowledge is power.