Chinese-New-YearTraditionally in China, the New Year is the most important celebratory festival of the calendar year, bringing families closer together while bringing nearly all businesses in the country to a halting stop. This Chinese New Year begins February 10th and lasts until February 25th, so if you haven’t begun preparing now is the time!

Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese calendar, an ancient timepiece used for centuries as a “religious, dynastic, and social guide.” The calendar revolves around yin and yang, the opposing but complementary forces that create a harmonious world. Families would take part in symbolic rituals that were thought to bring good luck and long life to the family. Within the past few decades, the holiday has lost much of its religious value and is now mostly considered a time for rest and relaxation.

During Chinese New Year businesses in China shut down for weeks over the holiday, halting production of any products made in factories – including all those repair parts you so desperately need. This often causes a shortage in parts, leaving repair technicians in a panic trying to source out-of-stock parts.

So to all repair techs and shop owners alike, now is the time to stock up! Having a decent inventory with a few weeks’ worth of your most frequently used parts is the best way to prepare your business for Chinese New Year and the subsequent shortage of parts.

eTech Parts has been working tirelessly to build an overstock inventory to help our customers through this difficult time. We’ve done our best to prepare, and now I advise each customer to prepare themselves – and their inventory – for the dreaded “Out of Stock” status that is inevitable during this time.

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