Recently a member of our Repair Community asked a question on the topic of static prevention. Malc Mitch of fliPhones asked: "Do you guys always wear static bands when repairing iDevices? On a scale of 1-10 how important are they?"

In answer to his question, several members of our Repair Community responded with helpful tips and advice about the importance they place on static prevention. Though not a single commenter numerically rated its importance on a scale of 1-10, the comments were full of valuable suggestions that surely helped guide Malc in the right direction.


Some technicians prefer to play it safe and use anti-static mats, wristbands, and tools. This puts them at ease knowing static buildup will not affect data or anything on the logic board.

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"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." -Eleanor Roosevelt

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Well put, Lindsey! Never cut corners.

Other technicians throw caution to the wind when it comes to static prevention. Anti-static mats and tools, who needs ‘em?

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I’m not sure the validity of this statement, but maybe it’s our long hair causing all the trouble. Fact: static is the number one reason women hate winter.


Anti-Static Tools and Mats

Here at eTech Parts we take static prevention pretty seriously, which is why we've expanded our line of tools to include ESD-safe tools as well as anti-static wristbands and anti-static mats.


esd safety

Anti-Static Brush
- This anti-static brush is extremely helpful when used on sensitive glass and LCD surfaces. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and best of all it's ESD safe!

Anti-Static Mat - The Anti-Static Mat is the perfect option for mobile repair technicians and anyone with a small work space.

Anti-Static Wrist Strap - This anti-static wrist strap is essential for any technician performing soldering work. Features a one size fits all adjustable band and 6 ft coiled cord.

Anti-Static Rubber Finger Cots - These little finger cots are great for keeping dirt off a device and keeping everything static-free!

Anti-Static Carbon Fiber Gloves - Our wholesale dealers love these gloves - some even wear them during every repair!

Anti-Static Carbon Fiber Gloves Large - For those of you with bigger hands, we found bigger gloves!

ESD Safe Anti-Static MicroBit Handle - Just slip whichever screw bit you need into this handle and its anti-static properties will keep your devices safe.


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