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  1. Hakko Equipment Arrives at eTech Parts

    Hakko Equipment Arrives at eTech Parts
    Like with any repair, soldering requires the right tools. It is tempting to purchase the most inexpensive tool for the job. Always remember that savinghakko_soldering_station_fx888d-23by money is not worth sacrificing your time and safety. Quality equipment is often more energy efficient, safer for you or your technician, and less likely to accidentally damage the device you are repairing. Protection by a warranty is an additional benefit when you purchase quality equipment. Hakko is a product that wireless repair technicians have trusted for years for these reasons. Continue reading →
  2. Spring 2016 iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Market Watch

    Spring 2016 iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Market Watch
    branded-Phone-6-screen-replacement-spring-market-watchWe asked the wireless repair community to share their location and what they are currently charging for an iPhone 6 screen replacement. This sparked a great conversation not only about pricing but about topics such as glass-only repair, offering multiple screen options to customers, and what service add-on’s different wireless repair shops include in their pricing. For purposes of this post, we included the price of a full assembly swap but if you’d like to see the original conversations please check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. We are so thankful to all who participated including members of the international wireless repair community in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the UK. Here is a break down by region as well as some other quick facts brought to you by the wireless repair community. Continue reading →
  3. Top 4 Pain Points of Wireless Repair

    Top 4 Pain Points of Wireless Repair
    The wireless repair industry often still looks like the Wild Wild West. Like in the West, there are new trails to be blazed and outlaws to be stopped. These outlaws don’t stop us from being excited about the future of the wireless new frontier, through repair. To keep your repair business moving down the trail, we wrangled some solutions to the Top 4 Pain Points in Wireless Repair. Continue reading →
  4. RepairShopr Crash Course

    RepairShopr Crash Course
    Do you still have some questions about how eTech Parts integration with RepairShopr works?  Or do you have questions about how to customize RepairShopr for your business? Either way, if you’re looking for answers, here’s your chance to get them! RepairShopr is hosting a Crash Course this Thursday (April 28th) at 1 PM CT (11 AM PT). This is the perfect opportunity to see if this all-in-one platform is a perfect fit for your wireless repair business. If you want to learn more about what RepairShopr has been able to do for other wireless repair businesses, check out this blog featuring real cell phone repair shop owners!RepairShopr Crash Course- august-etech-parts Continue reading →
  5. Now Announcing the eTech LCD Buyback Program

    Now Announcing the eTech LCD Buyback Program
    You may have noticed a new feature when you sign into your customer portal. What is this "buyback program"? We are accepting broken displays for use with iPhone and Samsung devices for our new recycling program! We spent years testing several facilities throughout the US, Mexico, and China. We are excited to announce that we have found the proper facility and invented progressive processes that meet our high expectations for the eTech customer experience. We can’t wait to see our customers benefiting from this fantastic source of additional revenue for cell phone repair businesses. Continue reading →
  6. Doing Business Made Easy for RepairShopr Users

    Doing Business Made Easy for RepairShopr Users
    What systems do you have in place to meet your point of sale, customer relationship management, inventory management, accounting, ticketing and invoices, and marketing needs for your wireless repair business? We often hear of the old-fashioned pen and paper approach. Some members of our wireless repair community have left the mountains of paper behind, and started saving time in the process, by using software that manages all aspects of running a repair business. As an added bonus to these software users, more integrations are being developed to help save even more time in their daily operations. Continue reading →
  7. Customer Spotlight: iDoctor Cell Phone and Tablet Repair

    Customer Spotlight: iDoctor Cell Phone and Tablet Repair
    We caught up with Glenn from iDoctor Cell Phone and Tablet Repair to learn more about his experience in the wireless repair idoctor-glenn-etech-parts-group-photoindustry. Continue reading →
  8. 3 Reasons to Always Greet Customers

    Are you starting off on the right foot with your customers? If you aren't greeting them when they walk into your storefront, then the answer is no. Norvel-eTech-Parts-wholesale-wireless-repairThe #1 tip for wireless repair shop owners is to provide the best customer experience possible. We have talked in the past about how important customer service is to your wireless repair business. A huge part of that is showing customers you value them from the moment they enter to the moment they leave your store. No matter how big or small your business is, here are some ways greeting a customer can help you grow your electronic repair business: Continue reading →
  9. Must-Have Parts for the Chinese New Year

    Must-Have Parts for the Chinese New Year
    Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. As 2016 begins, it is time to plan ahead and stock up on inventory. The Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) begins February 8th with festivities beginning weeks in advance and lasting weeks after. Many travel to see family or attend festivals with friends during this time. Since production is lower during this time, modifications to inventory management strategy must be made since many wireless repair shops use parts coming from China. Continue reading →
  10. 5 Ways eTech Training can help your shop grow

    5 Ways eTech Training can help your shop grow
    Running a repair shop isn’t an easy job. You guys made it known one of the largest problems you face is hiring, training, and retaining technicians. Unanimously this was the biggest pain point most of you suffered from. A year or so ago we set out to help our customers solve this problem — and eTech Training was born. Continue reading →

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