Glass Only Repairs

  1. LOCA LCDGlue: The Clear Choice for Glass-Only Repair

    LOCA LCDGlue: The Clear Choice for Glass-Only Repair
    LCDGlueloca-glass-drop-2_compact Always on the lookout for quality products, we are excited to announce a new partnership with LCDGlue. This quality Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (LOCA) is cured using ultraviolet light. Use of LOCA in wireless repair includes bonding OLED and LCD units to new glass during glass-only repairs. Technicians choose LOCA when transparency is non-negotiable. Why LCD Glue and the Reasons eTech Training prefers it: Here at eTech Parts and eTech Training we pride ourselves in supplying high quality parts and tools. With this in mind, we are now carrying LCD Glue and it is what we consider the highest quality LOCA (liquid optical clear adhesive) for glass only refurbishment. Listed below are some of the major reasons we use LCD Glue compared to other brands on the market. Why LCD Glue: Clarity : Most brands of LOCA will start to show a “yellowing” after curing the adhesive under a UV light or after several weeks of refurbishing. LCD Glue has yet to show any yellowing at all. This product also has a clarity of 99.5%. You can see the difference in how vivid and clear the LCD Glue is compared to other LOCA products. Shelf life: LCD Glue has a shelf life of 1 year. The product comes in completely blacked out tubes so there is no possibility of UV rays diminishing the life of the LOCA. Ease of use: LCD Glue is easy to work with and has fast curing time under a UV light. This makes it easier to fix mistakes during the refurbishment process and also allows for quicker clean-up time. Continue reading →
  2. Hakko Equipment Arrives at eTech Parts

    Hakko Equipment Arrives at eTech Parts
    Like with any repair, soldering requires the right tools. It is tempting to purchase the most inexpensive tool for the job. Always remember that savinghakko_soldering_station_fx888d-23by money is not worth sacrificing your time and safety. Quality equipment is often more energy efficient, safer for you or your technician, and less likely to accidentally damage the device you are repairing. Protection by a warranty is an additional benefit when you purchase quality equipment. Hakko is a product that wireless repair technicians have trusted for years for these reasons. Continue reading →
  3. iFlex: Our Newest Opening Tool

    iFlex: Our Newest Opening Tool
    Are you looking for a new opening tool? Here is a new openingiflex-on-toolbench-etech-parts tool that you can use to repair iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Devices, Sony, HTC, and LG Devices. The iFlex opening tool is designed to easily fit between the front screen and the frame of the device to lift the broken screen off of the device. Repair a broken screen without causing damage to important cables with this professional opening tool. Repairing a broken phone, tablet, or laptop screen? Give this new screen repair tool a try![su_quote cite="Ken L. from Prestige Electronics"]Like any technician or mechanic worth their salt knows, having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. We had been searching for a tool that made repairs on screen-out-first phones like the Galaxy S5 faster and more reliable. The iFlex is that tool. When paired with a heat pad the iFlex is a complete winner to pull an LCD without damaging the expensive screen assembly. Charge ports are cake. Speakers and cameras no longer make me sweat. The iFlex should be in any technician's arsenal.[/su_quote] Continue reading →
  4. Save Time on Screen Repair with New Hot Tool

    Save Time on Screen Repair with New Hot Tool
    We know the iPad 2 is one of the most common tablet repairs, but do you have the best tools for the job? If you are performing tablet repairs without a screen heating station you're wasting precious time. This tablet repair station is easy to use and makes tablet repair as simple as 1,2,3. Continue reading →
  5. Note 3 Glass Only Parts and Tools

    Note 3 Glass Only Parts and Tools
    Over the past year glass only repair and LCD refurbishment have become extremely popular among members of the Repair Community. While we don't know whether this increase in popularity is due to the premium price of LCD assemblies or the improvement in glass only repair techniques; we do know that when properly executed, refurbishing LCDs can be a profitable addition...
  6. Differences Between Osaka 6 and Osaka 7

    Differences Between Osaka 6 and Osaka 7
    A question we receive quite frequently from our customers is, "What's the difference between Osaka 6 and Osaka 7?" LOCA is Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive which is used to bind the LCD and glass during glass-only repairs. During the past 6 months the iPhone repair industry has seen a growing trend of repair technicians learning glass-only repairs and some have...
  7. Introducing UnDo Glue!

    Introducing UnDo Glue!
    Glass-only repairs are becoming a common repair service offered in repair shops around the world, as technicians add another useful skill to their set for mobile device repair. While this repair is quite difficult and can lead to LCD damage if performed incorrectly, technicians everywhere are diving in to learn more and practice this skill until it’s perfect. So you...
  8. Glass-Only Repairs: Part 2

    Glass-Only Repairs: Part 2
    Glass only repairs are quickly increasing in popularity as technicians search for a more economical way to replace the glass on a smartphone. Since designers of consumer electronics are continuing on the path of the small, smaller, and smallest, more devices will be held together with gobs of sticky adhesive. As LCD glass assemblies rise in cost, and thus create...
  9. Glass-Only Repairs

    Glass-Only Repairs
    If your walk-in customers are asking about salvaging their LCD to repair only the glass, they’re not the only ones curious about this popular repair. Glass-Only repairs of Samsung devices and iPhone 5 screens are becoming more common as the prices of full assemblies for new devices are initially priced very high. With a little practice and patience, repair technicians...
  10. Glass-Only for Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II

    Glass-Only for Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II
    Due to overwhelming demand from our customers, eTech Parts now has glass-only options for the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II. This is a low-cost option that savvy technicians can offer to customers in order to save them money and offer another option for the repair. Repairs using the complete LCD/Digitizer assembly can cost customers as much as $250...

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