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  1. New! Home Button with Functionality for iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+

    New! Home Button with Functionality for iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+
    NOTE:  Multiple versions and grades of the home button with return functionality are currently available in  the market. The version sold by eTech Parts Plus is the most stable and responsive available.  The glass button cover is guaranteed to be free from the common defect seen in this part of the glass separating.   Today we will reviewing the home...
  2. USB Ammeter - Taking You From Amateur To Pro

    USB Ammeter - Taking You From Amateur To Pro
    Today we will be reviewing a powerful tool that is commonly underutilized in the repair industry. The USB Ammeter is cost effective and provides quick simple troubleshooting for power related issues.   How does it work? The Ammeter is connected to a USB block and the charging cable for your device is connected to the Ammeter. The Ammeter displays the...
  3. Our Top 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Durability Test Videos

    We LOVE durability test videos! The sleeker smartphones get, the more exciting it is to see them put to their physical limits. Have your customers brought you any extraordinarily demolished Samsung Galaxy S7 devices yet? Feel free to share photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with us! In honor of the fallen Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices that have already had to visit your wireless repair shop, here are 7 of our favorite videos showing Samsung Galaxy S7 durability:  How does the Galaxy S7 stand up when put in a blender? Continue reading →
  4. iFlex: Our Newest Opening Tool

    iFlex: Our Newest Opening Tool
    Are you looking for a new opening tool? Here is a new openingiflex-on-toolbench-etech-parts tool that you can use to repair iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Devices, Sony, HTC, and LG Devices. The iFlex opening tool is designed to easily fit between the front screen and the frame of the device to lift the broken screen off of the device. Repair a broken screen without causing damage to important cables with this professional opening tool. Repairing a broken phone, tablet, or laptop screen? Give this new screen repair tool a try![su_quote cite="Ken L. from Prestige Electronics"]Like any technician or mechanic worth their salt knows, having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. We had been searching for a tool that made repairs on screen-out-first phones like the Galaxy S5 faster and more reliable. The iFlex is that tool. When paired with a heat pad the iFlex is a complete winner to pull an LCD without damaging the expensive screen assembly. Charge ports are cake. Speakers and cameras no longer make me sweat. The iFlex should be in any technician's arsenal.[/su_quote] Continue reading →
  5. Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Rundown: Features We Love

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Rundown: Features We Love
    There has been a lot of buzz around the eTech office about Samsung lately. In addition to dropping prices on Samsung screens, we are thrilled that the release of the Galaxy S7 series has finally arrived! This much anticipated device was released on March 11, and you may have already seen some teardowns online. Here is a look at some of our favorite features of the new Samsung Galaxy S7.etech parts samsung parts Continue reading →
  6. Save Time on Screen Repair with New Hot Tool

    Save Time on Screen Repair with New Hot Tool
    We know the iPad 2 is one of the most common tablet repairs, but do you have the best tools for the job? If you are performing tablet repairs without a screen heating station you're wasting precious time. This tablet repair station is easy to use and makes tablet repair as simple as 1,2,3. Continue reading →
  7. New gTools Now in Stock!

    New gTools Now in Stock!
    eTech Parts is excited to offer you a new and improved line of tools from gTool! That’s right, gTool has released an updated line of tools including the new and improved gTool PanelFormer Pro! Quality tools and parts equal successful repair shops, which is why we only offer you the very best. If you haven’t seen the gTool PanelFormer Pro in...
  8. New Repair Parts for HTC and Samsung

    New Repair Parts for HTC and Samsung
    We know the life of a small business owner isn't easy - which is why we're always looking for ways to make your life easier. Since getting so much great feedback from the Repair Community back in February, our team at eTech Parts has been working diligently to make the changes you'd like to see. One of those changes includes...
  9. Price Drop on Replacement Parts for iPhone, iPad & iPod

    Price Drop on Replacement Parts for iPhone, iPad & iPod
    You heard us right - it's price drop time at eTech Parts! Thanks in part to our most recent visit to vendors overseas and our increased volume, we've reduced our prices significantly to help out our growing number of wholesale dealers. So you can make more money on each repair by paying less for the high quality parts you need...
  10. New Parts for ChromeBook

    New Parts for ChromeBook
    Over the past 3 years, ChromeBook laptops have become a popular educational tool utilized by schools nationwide. Its durability and affordability make it perfect for schools teaching small children and young teens. Though Chromebooks can withstand a fairly significant amount of damage when compared to other leading laptops, the device is far from unbreakable. Cracked screens and broken hinges can...

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