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  1. Customer Spotlight: iDoctor Cell Phone and Tablet Repair

    Customer Spotlight: iDoctor Cell Phone and Tablet Repair
    We caught up with Glenn from iDoctor Cell Phone and Tablet Repair to learn more about his experience in the wireless repair idoctor-glenn-etech-parts-group-photoindustry. Continue reading →
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Rundown: Features We Love

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Rundown: Features We Love
    There has been a lot of buzz around the eTech office about Samsung lately. In addition to dropping prices on Samsung screens, we are thrilled that the release of the Galaxy S7 series has finally arrived! This much anticipated device was released on March 11, and you may have already seen some teardowns online. Here is a look at some of our favorite features of the new Samsung Galaxy S7.etech parts samsung parts Continue reading →
  3. Wireless Repair Roundup Preview

    Wireless Repair Roundup Preview
    Will we see you in Nashville? Continue reading →
  4. Save Time on Screen Repair with New Hot Tool

    Save Time on Screen Repair with New Hot Tool
    We know the iPad 2 is one of the most common tablet repairs, but do you have the best tools for the job? If you are performing tablet repairs without a screen heating station you're wasting precious time. This tablet repair station is easy to use and makes tablet repair as simple as 1,2,3. Continue reading →
  5. eTech Parts Customer Spotlight: Lexington Cell Phone Repair

    eTech Parts Customer Spotlight: Lexington Cell Phone Repair
    We caught up with James M. from Lexington Cell Phone Repair to learn more about his experience in the wireless repair industry. How did you end up in the wireless repair industry?Lexington Store Cell Phone Repair I found my way into the wireless industry through buying and selling items on eBay.  This is something I had always loved as I've been on eBay since 1999 and with e-commerce I knew there was always going to be unlimited opportunities.  Over the years I sold anything, from clothing to sports equipment, but mostly electronics.  When I first began to buy and sell iPhones in 2008 the profit margins were high, and then I began buying and selling broken devices as-is.  It didn't take long for me to realize that there were great opportunities to repair the devices to further increase those profit margins.  I ordered some parts off of eBay and just decided to dive right in.  After the first 6 months of teaching myself how to repair, I had spent a great amount of money due to making mistakes and destroying parts and motherboards, I was finally to the point that I began repairing devices within my community through word of mouth.  By 2010 I had quit my job and worked from home selling and repairing devices.  My business partner Stephen had been repairing devices on the side locally for quite a while when we met in 2011.  I had purchased quite a few iPhones from him in the past and decided to setup a meeting with him to discuss the plans I had drawn up to actually turn this into a storefront business and, shortly after, Lexington Cell Phone Repair, LLC was founded! Continue reading →
  6. 3 Reasons to Always Greet Customers

    Are you starting off on the right foot with your customers? If you aren't greeting them when they walk into your storefront, then the answer is no. Norvel-eTech-Parts-wholesale-wireless-repairThe #1 tip for wireless repair shop owners is to provide the best customer experience possible. We have talked in the past about how important customer service is to your wireless repair business. A huge part of that is showing customers you value them from the moment they enter to the moment they leave your store. No matter how big or small your business is, here are some ways greeting a customer can help you grow your electronic repair business: Continue reading →
  7. Protect Your Wireless Repair Business

    “They went straight to the phones," Pete explained. "They were only interested in Android devices."  Pete from TechRX thought his wireless repair and retail storefront was fairly eTech-Parts-Loss-Prevention-Break-Insecure. They had cameras, locked displays, and a cash drawer that locked. Around 2:45 a.m. on November 17th the unthinkable happened to Pete’s shop. Two people in disguise broke into the phone and tablet repair shop and stole phones,"Everything from Galaxy S4 to S6 Edge+" plus the petty cash from the register drawer. The “smash and grab” incident lasted less than 30 seconds according to security camera video.  Electronic repair shops are often targeted for robbery due to the type of inventory they keep. Having security practices in place isn’t just to protect your bottom line - loss prevention practices also protect your customers’ devices and the sensitive data stored on them. Pete explained how often customers come in to repair a device even if it isn’t worth much due to the photographs and information on it.  Some wireless repair shops learn this lesson the hard way. Pete described that a customers' device (a Note 5) was stolen from TechRX but that luckily the customer had only had the device about a week and they were able to purchase a replacement device for the customer. Continue reading →
  8. Bulk Tempered Glass: #1 Industry Upsell

    Bulk Tempered Glass: #1 Industry Upsell
    Our goal at eTech Parts is to help you be successful and we all know serving the customer results in success. People appreciate the little things. Seemingly small touches can leave a lasting impression. Continue reading →
  9. 2015 Winter Market Watch: iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Cost

    2015 Winter Market Watch: iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Cost
    We often hear concerns from phone repair shop owners about service pricing. Competitive pricing is important, but there are many factors to consider before setting pricing. Special offerings such as rush service, tempered glass screen protectors, cleaning cloths, or an extended warranty may add value to your repairs and help your customers understand the reasoning behind your pricing. Continue reading →
  10. Community Responses to ESD Safety

    Community Responses to ESD Safety
    There are many different beliefs, opinions, and experiences concerning electrostatic discharge (ESD) safety and equipment. So we asked you, the community, what practices you do or don’t implement in your own shops — and the results are in! Continue reading →

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