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  • Apple iPhone Battery Lock-down

    Apple iPhone Battery Lock-down     It appears Apple is back to their old ways. It was recently discovered that Apple has implemented software that causes the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max to display “Service” on Battery Health when the original battery is replaced.  Whether it is replaced with...
  • iPhone X Series Tips

    As the iPhone X series gets older, naturally, there is an emergence of different types of replacement screens that become available. Various materials are used to create each different screen which, in turn, means that each screen will have its pros and its cons. Some screens are intentionally created to...
  • iPhone X iOS 12.1.4 Software Issue

    A software issue is currently present on the iPhone X running iOS 12.1.4. The software causes both OEM and Aftermarket screens to experience the following touch related issues:   Ghosting (screen moving on its own without being touched) No Touch Response (screen does not move when touched) Dead Spots (screen...
  • Top 4 Pain Points of Wireless Repair

    The wireless repair industry often still looks like the Wild Wild West. Like in the West, there are new trails to be blazed and outlaws to be stopped. These outlaws don’t stop us from being excited about the future of the wireless new frontier, through repair. To keep your repair business moving down the trail, we wrangled some solutions to the Top 4 Pain Points in Wireless Repair.

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  • Shop Talk: CrackedMacScreen

    We caught up with Trevor L. from CrackedMacScreen to learn more about his experience in the wireless repair industry.
    How did you end up in the wireless repair industry?

    Back in 2009 I was looking to upgrade my black Macbook and ended up finding one on Craigslist that had a broken crackedmacscreenscreen. I found the screen on eBay, downloaded a 9 step PDF install guide without reverse instructions and went to work on my Mac. Three hours and a bucket of sweat later the Mac was repaired. Word got around that I could fix the “white Macbook” and I knew that there was a definite need for it so I taught myself web design, bought a domain, got an 800 number with my mom doing the voiceover, and CrackedMacScreen was born.

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  • Doing Business Made Easy for RepairShopr Users

    What systems do you have in place to meet your point of sale, customer relationship management, inventory management, accounting, ticketing and invoices, and marketing needs for your wireless repair business? We often hear of the old-fashioned pen and paper approach. Some members of our wireless repair community have left the mountains of paper behind, and started saving time in the process, by using software that manages all aspects of running a repair business. As an added bonus to these software users, more integrations are being developed to help save even more time in their daily operations.
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  • Customer Spotlight: iDoctor Cell Phone and Tablet Repair

    We caught up with Glenn from iDoctor Cell Phone and Tablet Repair to learn more about his experience in the wireless repair idoctor-glenn-etech-parts-group-photoindustry.

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  • Save Time on Screen Repair with New Hot Tool

    We know the iPad 2 is one of the most common tablet repairs, but do you have the best tools for the job? If you are performing tablet repairs without a screen heating station you're wasting precious time. This tablet repair station is easy to use and makes tablet repair as simple as 1,2,3.
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  • eTech Parts Customer Spotlight: Lexington Cell Phone Repair

    We caught up with James M. from Lexington Cell Phone Repair to learn more about his experience in the wireless repair industry.
    How did you end up in the wireless repair industry?Lexington Store Cell Phone Repair

    I found my way into the wireless industry through buying and selling items on eBay.  This is something I had always loved as I've been on eBay since 1999 and with e-commerce I knew there was always going to be unlimited opportunities.  Over the years I sold anything, from clothing to sports equipment, but mostly electronics.  When I first began to buy and sell iPhones in 2008 the profit margins were high, and then I began buying and selling broken devices as-is.  It didn't take long for me to realize that there were great opportunities to repair the devices to further increase those profit margins.  I ordered some parts off of eBay and just decided to dive right in.  After the first 6 months of teaching myself how to repair, I had spent a great amount of money due to making mistakes and destroying parts and motherboards, I was finally to the point that I began repairing devices within my community through word of mouth.  By 2010 I had quit my job and worked from home selling and repairing devices. 

    My business partner Stephen had been repairing devices on the side locally for quite a while when we met in 2011.  I had purchased quite a few iPhones from him in the past and decided to setup a meeting with him to discuss the plans I had drawn up to actually turn this into a storefront business and, shortly after, Lexington Cell Phone Repair, LLC was founded!

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  • Bulk Tempered Glass: #1 Industry Upsell

    Our goal at eTech Parts is to help you be successful and we all know serving the customer results in success. People appreciate the little things. Seemingly small touches can leave a lasting impression.
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