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  • The Right to Repair Movement

    What is the Right to Repair? In its simplest form, the 'right to repair' movement wants you to be able to fix your own stuff.  In our industry, it is centered around advocating for individuals and small businesses to be able to fix electronic equipment. What’s the issue? You might...
  • Our Top 10 Tips for Repairing the Samsung Galaxy S10

    Our Top 10 Tips for Repairing the Samsung Galaxy S10   With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+, Tech Bob is here to share the top 10 tips for repair. This time around, Samsung has not made any drastic changes to the layout of their...
  • What is an LCD Buyback Program?

      What is an LCD Buyback Program? LCD Buyback Programs are a service that allows you to sell your broken, unwanted end-user screens for extra profit. Most programs allow you to simply pack up your screens, ship them out, wait 24-48 hours, and then receive payment or store credit.  Utilizing...
  • 6 Tips to Successfully Repair an iPad - Tech Bob

    Do you ever run into issues when doing an iPad repair? If you do, following the tips below will take you from being "just okay" at repairing iPads to being great at it! Know your iPad! Many iterations of the iPad have been released, and we have seen differences in...
  • How To Set Your Prices

    How to Set Your Prices: A Guide for Phone Repair Shops

    Scour the web for information on how phone repair shops set their prices and you’ll be disappointed with the results - there’s just not much publicized advice out there on what to charge your customers for phone repairs. Are the repair techs hiding something? It’s no secret that anyone can easily find out phone repair profit margins with a little bit of research on the costs of replacement parts and the average cost of a repair. But how do repair shops set their prices? We asked Ryan Galvan, owner of a phone repair shop in Pensacola, Florida in an impromptu interview, how he goes about pricing his repairs.

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  • How to use eTech Parts Store Credit

    Have you earned credit through our LCD Buyback program? New to eTech Parts? If so, you may be wondering how to take advantage of that store credit. Don’t worry, it is easy! To check your credit balance, enter your account. On the bottom of the left sidebar you will find “My...
  • Deal of the Day Returns

    As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. You’re striving to make your customers happy, keep your employees happy, and keep your profits healthy. Part of your many responsibilities is maximizing the revenue of each transaction. You know cutting corners isn’t the way to go, but you still value getting a good deal.

    deal-of-the-day-sale-etech-parts Each Deal of the Day will appear on your Account Dashboard along with a countdown showing the remaining time for the deal.

    You’ve already discovered our clearance section, you keep an eye out for emails announcing good deals, and now you have another tool that can help your business save time and money. We are proud to announce the return of the Deal of the Day. Yes, we’ve brought it back! The Deal of the Day allows you to keep an eye out for limited time pricing. This tool is a great way to take advantage of our offers without spending too much time combing through your pricing on our website. Check back every morning to see what the day’s special will be! Continue reading

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