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  1. Want a quick way to test 13 different iPhone models? Get a Test Box S200

    Want a quick way to test 13 different iPhone models? Get a Test Box S200
    The Test Box S200 is a great product to use if you find yourself needing to test new or buyback screens for iPhones. The Test Box S200 comes with a charging brick and cable along with the Test Box device. The Test Box S200 does not come with the individual cables needed to test the iPhones, however this product is...
  2. Quick iPad Repair Tips

    Quick iPad Repair Tips
    Here are some tips we recommend when repairing an iPad which helps speed up the process and avoid common issues that can occur. 1. Identifying the iPad: Why this is important? You need to know how to open the device which varies by model. In addition, you want to make sure you have the right part for the repair. When...
  3. What Are Some Ways to Use Your Phone in a Greener Way?

    What Are Some Ways to Use Your Phone in a Greener Way?
    For a healthier lifestyle here are some ways to use your phone in a greener way An estimated 5 billion people around the world use cell phones. With technological advancement and changing needs, phones have become a vital part of our lives. All of us use cellphones and some of us even have two cellphones at a time. Precisely, cell...
  4. Mail-in Repair Program

    Mail-in Repair Program
    Backlight issue, Broken FPC, Knocked off Component, Soldered Charging port issue? We're here to fix that. We like to break our repairs into three categories   Board level repair – This includes things like audio IC repair, soldering charging port repair, backlight. This is ideal if you have little experience with soldering. Modular part repair – this is great for...
  5. Need Parts Same Day?

    Need Parts Same Day?
    Hello DFW Repair Shops – you know who you are… the ones that get to take advantage of our same day pick-up or delivery service.  Wait, you didn’t know that you could get your parts, if ordered by 5pm, delivered to your shop before 8pm?  We have partnered with ROADIE to provide you with same day delivery, which usually takes...
  6. Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning
    What does your shop look like?  Does it need a little Spring cleaning? COVID-19 and Stay in Place orders have slowed the industry over the last few weeks. Its probably a good time for you to do Spring cleaning for your business. Clean up that stock room, dust counters and maybe even wash your shop windows! How about doing a...
  7. Social Distancing

    Social Distancing
      “Social Distancing” – This high-level message is currently being spread throughout the world.  As you are practicing your own social distancing, at work, grocery stores or from friends and relatives, you can also use this time to socially distance yourself from your business.   No, not like you’re taking a vacation, but looking at your business from a distance.  You...
  8. Mom & Pop Small Business Day

    Mom & Pop Small Business Day
    With schools closing, businesses resorting to teleworking, and more people stuck at home, our society has never been more reliant on technology. As technology experts, you are in a unique position to keep people in communication. Mom and Pop Small Business Day is this Sunday and it's the perfect opportunity to reach out to your community to offer your services...
  9. COVID-19 Update

    COVID-19 Update
    Surely you’ve heard the news over the weekend that through March 27th, Apple retail locations are closing to minimize spread of the Coronavirus.  We can assume that third party repair shops will be in much higher demand over the coming weeks. While demand for repair services may slow as we work through the Coronavirus, customers are still in need of...
  10. 1st Day of Giveaways - WINNER!

    1st Day of Giveaways - WINNER!
    Congratulations to Scott Kordic from SKRepairStudio, the Grand Prize Winner of $1,000 in Store Credit! We look forward to talking to you and getting you your prize! Not only did Scott win big today, we surprised 8 of our loyal customers with giveaways to help them run a successful business!   Congrats to the following Winners-   Arthur King from...

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