At least once a week I receive a call from a customer in absolute desperation searching for a particular part. Most of the time I’m able to help them find whatever they’re looking for, but unfortunately there are certain parts we can’t source. One of those unattainable repair parts is the home button flex cable for the iPad 4.

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Until we are able to source this part, all we can offer to customers and technicians is a word of caution when working on the iPad 4. Be extremely careful when replacing anything in an iPad 4. Simply removing the screen with too much force, or one incorrect tool placement can slice the home button flex cable, rendering it useless.

For various reasons, the home button flex cable for the iPad 4 is unavailable for purchasing at this time – and trust me, we’ve tried our best. We’re not sure why, but it looks like no one else can find this part either. Quoting our top supplier, “No, no one have yet. And I know the whole world is looking for this part." There’s virtually nothing on the Internet about this part and its availability. If and when it becomes available, eTech Parts will have it in stock as soon as possible to provide the solution to the problem.