cool iphone accessories

Here is the list of cool iPhone accessories that you absolutely need to have today

iPhones are one of the most used phones in the United States. With over 113 million American iPhone users, its accessories are readily available. They are available in different designs and colors. Unless you have explored all the extras the device has to offer, including the enhancements that dedicated accessories can add to your experience, you are not reaping all the benefits of having one of the best smartphones on the planet.

iPhone accessories that are a must-have for iPhone users include Powerbeats Pro Wireless earphones, Wireless charger, Tile Pro (2020), Nomad rugged cable, car charger, tripod,  Camera Lens Kit, Pop socket grip, a pair of filtering glasses, trendy leather cases, and latest Apple watch.

Let us take a detailed look at some of the must-have iPhone accessories of 2021.

Must-Have iPhone Accessories

  • Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Unlike the uncomfortable AirPods, the powerboats Pro earphones fit more comfortably and snugly, thanks to the adjustable ear hooks. They are sweat and water-resistant. Superb audio playback and comfort are worth the money.

  • Wireless Charger

It features safe Qi charging and pairs alongside overcurrent, overheat, overvoltage, and short circuit safeguards.

  • Tile Pro (2020)

Tile Pro water-resistant Bluetooth tracker can help you locate lost items like your keys or phone within a range of 400 feet.

  • Nomad Rugged Cable

Nomad rugged cable is super durable. It is dirt-resistant and is designed with sealed caps to keep all the dirt and liquids out. A custom-designed liquid silicone rubber tie wraps around the cable to keep it from getting worn or frayed.

  • Car Charger

It is designed to work with modern iPhone models. It can charge two devices simultaneously and is optimized to work with all phones and tablets.

  • Tripod

It is incredibly handy and compact for your iPhone. It allows you to prop up your device in either landscape or portrait mode. It is great for shooting videos and for photography, or hands-free reading and video conferencing.

  • Lens Kit

Lens Kit is a compact way to increase the versatility of your phone camera. The impressive collection of lenses also comes with several attachable clips to help you slide a lens on and of any iPhone model.

  • Screen Cleaner Kit

It is so easy to forget the number of germs our phones come into contact with every day. Just because we could not see the germs does not mean they are not there. You can eliminate all these germs along with dirt, fingerprints, grease, and dust with the help of a cleaning kit.

  • Pop Socket Grip

If you want your iPhones to remain safe from any breakage, then you need to get hold of the pop socket grip. This will prevent your phone screen from cracking and shocks.

  • A Pair of Filtering Glasses

We all know that prolonged screen time adversely affects our eyesight. Once you start to use a pair of filtering glasses, it will protect your eye from harmful rays.

  • Leather Cases

iPhones are very expensive and delicate. None of us wants our iPhone to get damaged so a leather case is a must-have for your iPhone. There are several designs and colors available in leather cases. You can also customize covers according to your needs and of course according to the trend.

  • Apple Watch

Have an iPhone and not an Apple Watch? It is a classy duo that is incomplete without the other. An iPhone needs to be accompanied by an Apple watch that not only looks cool and classy but can also help you track your fitness routine and monitor your heart rate.

When you own an iPhone, you also need to have the aforementioned accessories since they will add to the class of your iPhone. So, do browse through Etech Parts Plus today and get hold of some amazing iPhone accessories.