Here is the true estimated cost to repair iPhone 12 - data gathered from cell phone repair shops near you

The iPhone 12 was released back in October 2020 and since then it has quickly become one of the most popular phones all over the world. People from different parts of the world have purchased this series of phones and now a common question among these iPhone 12 users is that how much does it cost to get your iPhone 12 repaired?

There are a plethora of factors that can have a direct impact on the repair cost of an iPhone 12 and all its subsequent models that will be discussed in this article. But before doing that we will talk about the Apple warranty and the kind of repairs that are covered under it;

Apple Warranty

  • Apple provides a one-year warranty for each of its products including the iPhone 12. During this period if anything goes wrong with your iPhone or if it stops working then Apple will take care of these repairs free of charge.

It is however important to note this warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage which means that if your screen gets cracked or if the iPhone stops working after sustaining fall damage then Apple will not be responsible for its repair.

  • So, with that clarification, the next question arises: how much would you have to pay to get your iPhone 12 repaired in case of accidental damage? This cost depends on your phone model as well as the extent of the damage that the phone sustained. With that being said, here is a price list of iPhone 12 repair prices depending on the type of damage;

Repairing an iPhone 12 Display

  • The display that is used in the iPhone 12 is the strongest display ever used by Apple which means that it will not get easily damaged. However, if you are unlucky enough to have damaged or broken your iPhone display it will set you back a large sum of money to get it repaired or replaced.

A new display for iPhone 12 Pro Max costs about $329 and for the Pro model, it costs about $279. If you are using the iPhone 12 mini model, then a new screen will cost about $229.

  • As you can see, none of these repairs are cheap, so taking good care of your iPhone 12’s display is very important.

Repairing an iPhone 12 Battery

  • Battery life and performance is one of the weakest areas of the iPhone 12 series phones as it did not see much improvement in comparison to the previous model. These batteries can easily get damaged if they are not properly taken care of.

A battery repair will cost you about $70 across the board no matter which iPhone 12 series phone you are using,

cost to repair iPhone 12Getting your iPhone 12 replaced

  • Apple tends to avoid major repairs for most of the components that are used in an iPhone. This means that if your phone sustains damage other than a broken screen or faulty battery then you will probably have to get it replaced.

Apple offers a service replacement iPhone which is either a brand new or refurbished iPhone that meets the exact same standards and specifications of a brand new phone. A replacement iPhone 12 does not cost more than a brand new phone but it is still relatively expensive and can cost up to $599 for the Pro Max model.

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