Surely you’ve heard the news over the weekend that through March 27th, Apple retail locations are closing to minimize spread of the Coronavirus.  We can assume that third party repair shops will be in much higher demand over the coming weeks.

While demand for repair services may slow as we work through the Coronavirus, customers are still in need of repair and may have additional free time for device repair.

How do you market your repair services?  A good majority of the general public is not aware they can have their devices fixed outside of the Apple store location. It seems hard to believe for those of us in this industry, but it is reality. This article from Yahoo provides the reader very little direction by pointing primarily to Best Buy or to just purchase a new device.

Here are a few tips we’d like to share for marketing your business:


  1. Utilize Social Media

Searches online for alternatives repair locations will be up.  Post to Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram and Twitter, in order to increase your visibility. Stay on top of notifications and contact potential customers. Stay humble and empathetic. Follow the rules of community related message boards on Facebook.

  1. Send out a Press Release

Put a press release out to local media about your services, it would also be important to include helpful information about how to keep your devices clean and germ free. If you have never published a press release, here is a good resource to get started from Shopify.

  1. Local Apps and Networks

Don’t overlook emerging neighborhood apps like NextDoor.  Learn more about advertising on this active community platform.

  1. Offer On-Demand Services

Offering a curbside concierge pickup service is a great way to limit contact between your customer and staff, as well as a great way to differentiating service.  Add free cleaning as part of your service!

  1. Focus Hours

Consider a temporary strategy reducing store hours for just drop off and pick up of devices.  Communicate the hours with your customers to say you are open and available for repairs during this tough time.


Let’s ensure that as an industry we support each other and put a positive light on the consumer benefits of about 3rd party repair.  As we navigate this challenging time, eTech Parts Plus and our service team want you and your team to stay safe and to know that we’re here to support you.

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