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Doing Business Made Easy for RepairShopr Users

What systems do you have in place to meet your point of sale, customer relationship management, inventory management, accounting, ticketing and invoices, and marketing needs for your wireless repair business? We often hear of the old-fashioned pen and paper approach. Some members of our wireless repair community have left the mountains of paper behind, and started saving time in the process, by using software that manages all aspects of running a repair business. As an added bonus to these software users, more integrations are being developed to help save even more time in their daily operations.

For example, ordering with eTech Parts just got easier for RepairShopr users! Our new integration generates your order as you go about your day in RepairShopr. Robert from RepairShopr explains:

[su_quote cite="Robert, CEO, RepairShopr"]Our eTech Parts integration allows you to quickly create purchase orders right from RepairShopr, automatically generate your eTech order on, and easily check everything in when it arrives.[/su_quote]

August from Smart Phone Repair, an eTech Parts customer and RepairShopr user, explains that they “have been smart-phone-repair-etech-parts-repairshoprvery excited about the possibility of an integration of RepairShopr and eTech (since CTIA) and, since it has happened, have not been disappointed.” August says that “the integration of our inventory system with our main parts supplier has led to increased productivity and helped us manage inventory much easier.” They are “very pleased” the integration allows them to add the items they have in their inventory and still gives the chance to add specialty products, beyond normal orders, with ease. “I am very excited to see software integrations between companies because it gives my team more time to focus on helping customers, which is the purpose of everything we do,” explains August. August is so happy with the integration he says, “For me, this integration has sealed eTech as our main supplier because no one else can match the entire experience of working with eTech.” That’s what this integration is all about, making your experience better and easier so that you can get back to running your repair business.

Unfamiliar with RepairShopr and these all-in-one programs? See what the repair community has to say about RepairShopr, and other systems like it, and what a difference in your daily life these programs can make.

Trenton, Tech Shark Wireless Repair, is one of the many members of the repair community familiar with the pen and paper approach. “Before RepairShopr,TechsharkShark we used paper forms to check people in and collect their signature” he explained. The forms also contained the terms and conditions that customers agreed to prior to a repair. Tech Shark was handling these important documents for all 500+ customers they serve per month. Trenton and his team learned that “tracking paper tickets is a headache!” In addition to losing important tickets and the customer information on them, Trenton learned that, “paper also takes up A LOT of space, is costly, and is not so eco friendly.”

Another member of the wireless repair community remembers the pen and paper lifestyle. Dave, Rising Stallion Cell and Tech Repair, agrees that “before the use of CRM software, and RepairShopr specifically, our records keeping and our system for customer relationship management wasn’t the best.” The practice at Rising Stallion was to use “paper forms to track each order” before scanning those forms into a digital archive. The problem with this system was that “things got misplaced and it was messy.” Dave also remembers the days where “email marketing wasn’t even a priority” which was a great opportunity for growth.

If you’re having the same problems described by Trenton and Dave, and are looking for a RepairShopr eTech solution, consider your streamlined software options. These programs could help your shop run more efficiently and improve the customer experience. These all-in-one solutions, such as RepairShopr, have many time-saving features:

  • Integrated email/SMS alerts to keep customers up to date on the status of their repair
  • Electronic signatures for tracking repair approval and agreements
  • Admin and tech privileges allow control over reports and communication settings
  • Field job checkin/checkout and ticket updates in a single workflow
  • Schedule field jobs and automatically keep customers informed of service
  • eTech Parts integration for quick and accurate product orders

[su_expand more_text="Learn More about RepairShopr" link_color="#e12023"]"RepairShopr is an all-in-one-platform built by repair shop owners for repair shop owners. The RepairShopr system integrates POS, CRM, inventory management, tickets, invoicing, marketing, and accounting integration (Quickbooks and Xero) in a simple, easy-to-use platform specifically designed for cell phone repair businesses. Multi-location shops can transfer inventory between locations, manage staff and monitor jobs from anywhere. RepairShopr is optimized for use on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. With over 2,000 businesses supported world-wide, RepairShopr combines all your tools in a single place so you can focus on your customers, repairs, and growing your business."—Robert from Repair Shopr[/su_expand]

“RepairShopr was one of the BEST business decisions I have ever made,” says Trenton. “It makes keeping up with devices and customers super simple! It takes being organized to the next level and our customers love the professional aspect of having an online check-in system. We are able to do all of the things we were doing on paper and even more! Now we can easily search a customer’s name through our database vs. searching through filing cabinets full of paper.”

Other benefits Trenton has seen include “increased workflow, communication, and turn around time.” An example of this that Trenton gave is that “every tech is up to date on every project, and never has to call to ask questions, eTech Repair Shopr Integrationbecause it is all logged into the system.” Tracking sales and sending marketing emails can all be managed within RepairShopr. Trenton also shared that “the invoicing, inventory, and POS side of the software are all great as well. Overall, RepairShopr is the best software on the market for repair shops and, in my opinion, every professional business should be utilizing this tool NOW!”

Rising-Stallion-Cell-and-Tech-Repair“After using RepairShopr we have been able to capture every aspect of a repair digitally through this software,” Dave says. “We can create and manage customer records, provide warranty and other disclaimers, create and manage email marketing campaigns, and track checklists for each repair, just to name a few features.” The best part for technicians on the go, Dave says, “We can do all of this from anywhere we might be repairing” due to the software being mobile optimized. Another benefit to Dave is “the ability to integrate with Quickbooks” which he says “has saved countless hours of time with bookkeeping.” Simplifying daily operations is also evident in use of integrations and Dave says they are “enjoying how suppliers, such as eTech Parts, are beginning to integrate with RepairShopr as well.”

Rising Stallion Cell and Tech Repair has been using RepairShopr for over 13 months. Does it really make a difference? Dave says they have found that this particular software allows them to “more efficiently manage the back of the house. He adds that it “really assists in portraying a professional image to our clientele” which important in our industry. Dave says they wouldn’t consider going anywhere else at this point. He is thankful that “the staff at RepairShopr are very responsive and are eager to hear our feedback as we identify additional features that might make our job easier.” Perhaps that it is the ability to customize and choose features that are best for your business is the best part about using these software options.

This software offers real solutions to real cell phone and tablet repair business owners. There are many things that can hinder growth of a wireless repair business, but with these solutions and integrations you can go back to focusing on growing your customer base rather than worrying about inventory. Share your experiences and tips for keeping your cellphone repair business running smoothly in the comments below on our Facebook page.

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