It’s not often you find a group like this: employees willing to come in early and stay late with no questions asked; employees who wake up on Saturday wishing it was Monday; employees who genuinely care about one another and the customers they serve. At eTech Parts we are lucky enough to have just that – a tightknit group of diverse individuals who keep things interesting while successfully working towards a unified goal. The success of eTech Parts relies heavily on each and every one of these employees, and we happily accept that responsibility.

If you haven’t noticed yet, here at eTech Parts we love contests! We’re a competitive group of people who love a challenge, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re excited to announce our most recent employee contest, “Employees Choice” and it’s taken off without a hitch. Each employee chose a popular accessory to stock and sell to customers; whichever case sells the most wins the contest, and the employee who chose it receives a super secret grand prize!


We’re all very excited about this, can’t you tell?

So we asked our employees: Why did you pick this case?

Corey: It brings me back to the good ol’ days, finding music as a kid, having to actually “rewind.” This smooth rubber case can be applied to your phone as easy as it is to skip tracks on a CD! It’s a good disguise and has protection on all four corners.

Ben: It’s all in one. This case has style, cardholders, and a detachable keychain holder while also protecting the phone. It’s easily removable and very protective.

Kevin W: I picked the new case because a lot of kids are starting to have phones now and kids like bumblebees!

Nick: It’s a nice black design with blue outlining, and is very simple and gender-neutral. It features silicone inside and a hard outer shell to keep your phone protected.

Linda: I picked the dolphin case for several reasons. It’s sparkly and glittery, which is appealing. I fell in love with dolphins 50 years ago while swimming with them in San Diego. I also got a dolphin tattoo! Having one on my phone every day to look at is awesome.

Joey: I chose this because of how nice and protective it is. It is also a neutral color, which should appeal to everyone.

Brandon: It reminds me of Batman and all his fantastic belt gadgets.

Kyle: Remember the days before 10,000 gaming apps were available? I do, which is why I chose this case - to show the world I was gaming way before the days of Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

Jeff: Just in time for training camp, the new iPhone 5 pigskin graphic case! This case is for all football fans to show their commitment to the game and reasonably priced so you can swap it out on game day if you have your "business" case. Similar to the mullet, business up front, party in the back! Football case on game day and that old boring case for the work place. This case is a hard plastic, snap on case for complete scratch protection and a stylish pigskin look. Don't be left out, limited quantities available!


Grace: This case is the perfect option for someone who appreciates simple yet stylish accessories. Peacock might be the new black, but sometimes the feathered design looks too "glam" for those with more conservative tastes. This peacock iPhone case perfectly showcases the feather design without being too flashy or flamboyant. It also saved my iPhone 4S from breaking after dozens of falls...there's a reason they call me "Grace."

Charles: So the owl silently thinks he's better then everyone because he's an educated pencil owl. HOOT HOOT. You will have such a hoot with this case.

Kevin D: Made with the always strong and durable, super flexible, TPU plastic that has been protecting devices for years; this case is the most appealing mix of matte and crystal clear material. Keep the refined shape and look of your HTC one without compromising its safety.

Ryan: I chose the "u mad bro" cellphone case for two different reasons. First, having seen the meme previously on urban I thought, "Wow, this will keep me young and hip in the workplace". As a man in his mid-thirties working amongst early to mid-twenty year olds, you desperately cling to any vestiges of youth that you can. Whenever I get some "lip" from the youngsters I just flip them the case…o yeah.

Second, a more durable cellphone case one cannot find. I have thrown the case off the Empire State building with nary a scuff. The case survived the sinking of the Andrea Doria in 1956. Doctors are astounded that the case has proven to be immune to Ebola Mayinga and they will be using its antibodies to produce baseline records for immunizations. There you have it…the greatest cellphone case known to man.

Stephanie: It's every hipster's dream. Owls, patterns, and mismatched colors. Where could you go wrong? This owl case is a winning 'hoot' to your iPhone case collection.

David: Many people have asked me why I decided to pick the Tiger case given the plethora of amazing cases eTech has, from the bottle opener to the protective cases, why the Jeweled Tiger Face case? My answer is simple: Tigers are awesome. Yeah those other cases are pretty cool too and maybe other people had already picked them, but Tigers have stripes. Also, this case is very pretty. Also, tigers kill lions, which is hardcore. So buy some Tiger cases!

Nate: It's green and it's a penguin; little girls everywhere will love this case!

Be sure to visit our Employees Choice page to browse our our assortment of hand-selected cases for iPhones and Samsung/HTC devices.

Employees here at eTech Parts love a good-natured competition! We can’t wait to know the results of the contest, and to find out what this secret grand prize is… As always stay tuned for more company updates and industry news from eTech Parts. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop.