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Now Announcing the eTech LCD Buyback Program

You may have noticed a new feature when you sign into your customer portal. What is this "buyback program"? We are accepting broken displays for use with iPhone and Samsung devices for our new recycling program! We spent years testing several facilities throughout the US, Mexico, and China. We are excited to announce that we have found the proper facility and invented progressive processes that meet our high expectations for the eTech customer experience. We can’t wait to see our customers benefiting from this fantastic source of additional revenue for cell phone repair businesses.

Convert trash to treasure! Here is a simple way to take advantage of a revenue stream laying around taking up space in your shop. Looking for a way to offset costs? This tangible value added to your bottom line reinforces your competitive advantage. Excellent customer service, competitive prices, and transparent results make our program hassle free. Credit earned through our recycling program is redeemable for any goods or services eTech offers. If you're looking for a way to pay for training or tools that you've had your eye on, you've found it. Whatever you need to grow your business – we have you covered. 

How do you know if this display buyback program is a good fit for you?

Do you have a box of broken displays laying around your shop taking up valuable space? We know that broken screens with a functional LCD are often tossed aside and collecting dust while you focus on providing a quality repair experience for your customers. We want to make recycling these displays, and taking advantage of this revenue stream, easy for you!

How does the eTech recycling program work?
  1. You pack up the LCDs you wish to recycle.
  2. We inspect the LCDs for functionality and condition.
  3. You receive store credit!
What happens after I submit my LCD recycling request?

You will receive a confirmation email with labels for shipping your packages to eTech. Please await shipping until confirmation email with shipping labels is received (within 48 hours of submission). After your confirmation, you are approved! Ship your displays within 24 hours of approval to receive quoted prices. This is important because pricing in the recycling market can change rapidly. The quote you receive is only guaranteed if we receive your package promptly.The price is locked in when the package is scanned. Next carefully package the LCD’s you wish to recycle. Please read all instructions carefully, or watch this handy video, to avoid damage and delayed processing.

Option 1 Bundling
  • Be sure the cables on the assemblies are facing the same direction
  • Bundling assists in the handling process
  • No more than 10 screens in a bundle with a rubber band around
Option 2 Wrapping
  • Avoid assemblies coming in direct contact
  • Alternate placing screens face up and down as you wrap
Please allow 7-10 business days after arrival at eTech Parts for processing. Have additional questions about our display recycling program? Feel free to call us at 913-839-1718 or email us at buyback(at)etechparts(dotcom)

Terms and Conditions of the eTech Buyback Program

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