Here at eTech Parts, we're always looking for new ways to improve what we do in order to offer the best possible service to our customers. During our nationwide survey conducted this past Spring, we were pleasantly surprised to learn most repair shops offer very generous warranty periods to cover faulty parts used during repair.

"All repair shops surveyed offer at least a 30-day warranty on their repair services. The average warranty period is 6 months; the longest warranty period offered is a lifetime warranty (on parts only)."

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Offering a warranty period to your customers is the best way to show them your business and your work can be trusted. That's why eTech Parts has extended our warranty to 6 months! Now our wholesale customers can benefit from a 6 month warranty on all defective parts. That's right -- we're doubling our warranty time to ensure customer satisfaction and to cover all our customers who may encounter parts failure following repair.

We've also extended our warranty on iBic Premium Parts to cover defects up to one year! Check out our selection of premium parts for iPhones, iPads and iPods to see the difference.

eTech Parts is proud of our extremely low return rate and confident this improvement to our return policy will improve the business of your repair shop without drastically increasing our return rate. Our astute micro-batching system allows us to keep close watch on our inventory of parts. From one shipment, we will attach a serial number to that batch; that way if any issues occur, we can remove the whole batch of parts from inventory to test and take care of defective units.

In the past we've always offered a 90-day warranty on defective parts; after learning that many of our repair shop customers offer longer warranties to their customers, we've collaborated with our factories overseas to find a solution for extending our warranty on defective parts. This makes our customers' lives easier which in turn improves customer satisfaction. Now all customers have 6 months to return any defective products to us for store credit, replacements or full refund (up to 30 days).

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you encounter a lot of customers returning with faulty parts 3 to 6 months after performing the repair? How long a warranty period do you offer with each repair? We love hearing from members of the Repair Community, so don't be shy -- join the conversation!