We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and provide customers with tools or services that help them achieve better repair results. Whether that’s an electric screwdriver or tip to makes your job easier, we’re constantly looking for items that we can bring to you.
One tool that we use in our repair facility is a M-Triangel Fiber Laser, which is a laser machine that burns away the glue holding back glass. In the past, what could take 20-30 minutes of work, is now reduced to a few minutes on the laser. We’ve found that a lot of repair shops will shy away from this type of repair due to the time it takes for repair services or the expense of the machine. When we saw a need for this type of service, we implemented a mail-in or drop off back glass repair service. Our local repair shops can drop off the device at our location and we’ll quickly perform the service same day! We also have customers that prefer to mail-in the device to our repair facility, where we also provide same day repair and shipping. It’s a great way to offer a service with little effort for your techs.

If you are thinking about expanding your business by offering back glass repair services, we're here to support you with our mail-in service. Give us a call or you can shop online under our Board Level Repair services.   You might be seeing that you can expand your business with your own machine, if so, we’re glad to put one on order for you and provide you with the training tools to get started.

Check out is link to our video. It’s a great way to see the laser in action and learn more about how this service can help you expand your business.