Thanks again Parker for joining us for this guest blog!

Just some back story: Parker and his team are from Fort Worth and run Fort Worth iPhone Repair.  They have been in business over 10 years and have mainly concentrated on iPhone only repairs. They have been working with the sales team at eTech and using our same day local parts program to help fulfill their orders.

eTech: We know that your business changed along with everyone else in March 2020, what steps did you take to help insulate your business?

Parker: Yes, it certainly did change.  We saw that first responders and essential workers would be out and using their phones during the Stay at Home orders we experienced in Fort Worth in mid-March.  Just prior we took advantage of social media (mainly Facebook) to get the word out that We Support First Responders.

eTech: Was there an offering that you provided?

Parker: Yes, we provided a $5 coupon for first responders and essential workers.  The people that really needed to make sure their phones were working.  Doctors, nurses, police and even the Uber or food delivery workers.

eTech: So how did that work out?

Parker: It was and still is a great promotion. Everyone that comes to the Fort Worth iPhone Repair was happy that we were open and able to fix their phone right away.

eTech: What steps have you taken to ensure minimal contact with customers?

Parker: We closed our lobby to our repair shop in March and have asked our customers to honk, knock or call us that they are in the parking lot.  We’ll go to their vehicle, pick up their phone, take it back inside and complete the repair while they wait.  Its only about 10 minutes.   Once we bring the phone back, we have been using contactless pay, like Apple pay, so we’re making sure that we’re limiting the amount of contract we have with the customer.

eTech: What has the customers reaction been?

Parker: They might just like it a little better than coming inside.  The big difference we’ve seen is that customers are so happy that they are tipping my repair techs.  That’s rarely happened in the past!

eTech: What about your employees?  What steps have you taken to ensure their safety and how are they coping with the changes?

Parker: Every customer interaction, picking up the phone, after repair and bring it back to the customer, includes a change in gloves and masks.  We have a good supply on hand and want to make sure that our customers and employees are staying safe.

eTech: What changes do you see after all the stay at home orders have lifted?

Parker:  We might just stay with the direct to vehicle service.  Customers really seem to like it.  I know that my repair techs love it, because there is a little less interaction, which speeds repairs.

eTech: What challenges do you know you’ll face this year?

Parker:  We’re going to miss out on a few events this year. Our location is close to Texas Christian University (TCU) so we’ll miss the business building up to graduation, the Colonial, a golf tournament which always brought a lot of out of town business and Mayfest, which was always a business driver will not be held this year.   The bright spot we’ve seen has been the traffic from the closed Apple stores.  We have one less than a mile away and there has been a boost to our business, since there isn’t the store to turn too.

eTech:  Well Parker, is there any advise or recommendations you would make to our blog readers?

Parker:  Yes, keep carving out the solution that you provide to your community.  For the past 10 years, we have only repaired iPhone.  It’s what we do and what we do the best.  The only reason that we would change is if we saw a different opportunity to better support our community.  Doing little things like the parking lot pick up, repair and deliver is a game changer, which will probably adopt for the foreseeable future.  Find out what repair solution works in your community and be the best at it!

Parker, thank you again for taking the time out of your schedule to talk with the team at eTech, we’re here to provide you same day delivery for your parts and look forward to seeing how you continue to adapt!