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Hakko Equipment Arrives at eTech Parts

Like with any repair, soldering requires the right tools. It is tempting to purchase the most inexpensive tool for the job. Always remember that savinghakko_soldering_station_fx888d-23by money is not worth sacrificing your time and safety. Quality equipment is often more energy efficient, safer for you or your technician, and less likely to accidentally damage the device you are repairing. Protection by a warranty is an additional benefit when you purchase quality equipment. Hakko is a product that wireless repair technicians have trusted for years for these reasons.

Why choose Hakko equipment?hakko_soldering_paste_fs100-01

When purchasing equipment for our training school we knew we needed quality equipment that would last, though it would be used almost all day every day, and we needed a company that would stand behind their product. Good customer service is important to us and knowing that we can pick up the phone and have a person help us solve a problem is invaluable. Offering our customers Hakko quality equipment at competitive wholesale prices was an easy decision. We can arrange for a representative to come and demonstrate equipment and answer questions specific to your situation thanks to the support Hakko provides.

We understand how tempting it is to seek the lowest price possible online. Used equipment and counterfeit equipment are both on the market and it is difficult to know exactly what you are getting. A genuine Hakko machine will have:

  • Consistency of temperature
    • No drops or spikes while you work that could damage the device
  • Security of temperature including sleep mode detection so you won’t burn your tips
    • These protect your other equipment, your workspace, devices, and your technicians.
  • A one-year warranty
    • Even after this year is up you only have to pay a $10 fee and the price of the part.
    • This makes repairing your Hakko equipment inexpensive and convenient.

Where can I get quality Hakko equipment for soldering?

In order to make ordering these products convenient and easy for you we carry all of the tips you will need to get the job done. We are able to help you if you have questions about purchasing either tips with heat or without and can give you tips about swapping out tips and more. Since we carry a range of Hakko products, we can provide you with everything you need to begin soldering or take your skills to the next level.

eTech Training uses these machines every day and the quality remains. Knowing your equipment will work well each time you turn it on provides piece of mind that you won’t have to turn away repairs due to malfunctioning equipment. This is also important when equipment isn’t used every day as other stations can fry themselves if accidentally left turned on and plugged in.hakko_mini_parallel_remover_conversion_kit_fm2023-05

We don’t expect to have problems with Hakko machines, and if we would we know they would be resolved quickly. When you purchase a Hakko machine from us and you have questions, all you have to do is call us! If you’re interested in purchasing equipment you can order now, let us know and we will send a representative to demonstrate, or (if you’re looking to learn soldering) you can take our course and learn skills while testing out this equipment. If you’re looking for quality tools for basic to advanced level soldering then these are the best products for you and your employees. As your soldering skills grow Hakko equipment will continue to assist you with completing quality repairs.

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