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Happy National Battery Day!

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Happy National Battery Day!

Today, Tuesday February 18th, is National Battery Day!


Due to aging, a smartphone’s battery starts to wear down. Consumers needing a battery replacement are at a new high today. Someone may take all the right steps to not break a screen or a button, but it is hard to escape the need for an updated battery. As people hold onto their devices longer, and pass them down and around family members when they upgrade, you as a repair shop owner should always be promoting safe battery replacement to your community.

There are several ways to increase battery replacements for your repair shops, and provide greater value to your customer base.

1.     Every screen repair you should be offering a “Free Battery Health Check”. The customer that has a quick to drain battery already is frustrated and aware, so they will be naturally curious to what is wrong. You can offer a bundled discount for the screen repair and battery replacement during that same visit. Be clear what they these services cost separately so the customer understands the value.

2.     Advertise on social media and through your email marketing lists special days to have discounted battery replacements. Face the facts, your customers cannot live without their smartphone. A broken screen doesn’t make their phone useless 8 times out of 10, but a battery that barely gets them through a day without being charged all the time eventually disrupts their daily routine of accessibility. Break the habit of always pushing broken screen promotions, tap into another need in the community.

3.     Don’t forget to play it straight, we all know sometimes there are other issues that can cause a battery to play dead, or have challenges. If the solution is a fix in software updates or some education in settings, maybe a slip in a connection, possibly a nasty charge port…do the right thing. You still gave them a solution that changed their day to day, while they are in your shop encourage them to leave a review and don’t be afraid to suggest some helpful accessories you have on hand while you have their attention!

Taking care of your community, being a superhero that keeps the customer charged up should always be on your daily to do.

Just as important, many would argue far more important, is what you do with the customers old battery after replacement. This is both an issue of safety and sustainability. Do you as a technician or repair shop owner know the proper way to dispose of a smartphone battery?

You should always partner with a R2 facility for proper handling when recycling batteries, you can find one near you here:

Help your customers and the environment, do more today!

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