The  heat  gun  has  been  a  staple  in  the  repair  industry  since  its  inception.  Although  it  has  been  a  vital  tool,  just  as  the  repair  industry  has  evolved,  so  have  the  tools  being  used  to  complete  repairs.  This  evolution  has  brought  forth  the  heating  pad.  Let’s  take  a  look  at  both  and  you  can  decide,  what’s  hotter?

Heat  Gun  

Heat  guns  are  small,  portable,  and  provide  quick  concentrated  heat  making  quick  work  of  opening  devices  and  releasing  parts/flex  cables.  This  quickness  however,  is  also  its  weakness.  The  heat  it  provides  is  concentrated,  which  does  not  always  reach  all  areas  of  the  adhesive  holding  a  part  in  place.  The  concentration  of  heat  can  also  lead  to  damage  when  heating  an  area  for  too  long.  You can maintain  proper  control,  such  as  keeping  the  heat  gun  in  constant  motion  and  heating  the  opposite  side  of  the  component  being  removed.

Heat  Pad  

Previously  known  as  the  bulky  hot  plate,  this  tool  has  evolved  into  a  sleek  heating  machine.  It  is  just  as  portable  as  a  heat  gun,  but  provides  an  even  heating  solution  allowing  easier,  safer,  release  of  adhered  parts.  This  benefit  minimizes  the  damage  during  home  button  removal  (iPhone  7  anyone?),  aids  in  opening  devices  with  adhered  screens,  and  makes  difficult  battery  removal  an  issue  of  the  past. The  use  of  the  heating  pad  also  frees  up  a  hand  that  would  otherwise  be  occupied  by  a  heat  gun.

There are many factors to consider when deciding between these two tools, and what matters most is which tool you are more comfortable working with.

Let's hear from you! Do you prefer using a heat gun or heat pad?

-Tech Bob