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Help us fight: Keep aftermarket OLEDs in the US

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Help us fight: Keep aftermarket OLEDs in the US

As many of you are aware, Samsung Display filed an ITC 337 complaint against the bulk of the suppliers in our sector. They allege that all aftermarket OLED screens violate their patents, and this is what they are suing for. All aftermarket OLED panels, including those for the iPhone and the next models, may be impacted by this. Samsung is requesting that the government enact a general exclusion order that would cover all parties, including specific retailers who make direct purchases from China. Everyone would be impacted by this because it would permanently bar the import of aftermarket OLED displays and ban their use by anyone looking to repair their phones using a significantly less expensive option.

ITC cases are costly to defend, and our attorneys have given us estimates of up to $10,000,000 to defend this action over the next 12 to 18 months. To support our legal defense, we have an ambitious goal of raising $1,000,000, but every contribution counts. We feel like we are being pushed between wireless industry titans and are being used as puppets in this war because margins are so thin in this sector.

With more than 15,000 wireless and repair shops in the US, we are confident that we can achieve our objective. We could raise more than $1,500,000 if every shop contributed just $100 to our cause.

We all adore this field, and several of us have worked in it for more than a decade. We don't want to see this sector go extinct.

If you're interested in learning more about the Samsung Display complaint, Louis Rossmann made a rather thorough analysis, which is available here:

Every vendor included in the complaint has been contacted, and we are asking them to join our fight. These nine vendors have so far participated in this brawl.

All money raised through this GoFundMe campaign will be used to pay the legal costs incurred by DFW Cell Phone and Parts, eTech Parts Plus, FixEZ, Gadgetfix, Injured Gadgets, LCTech, Parts4Cells, Phone LCD Parts, and Wholesale Gadget Parts. The money will be used to pay for legal fees for all merchants who join us. If this GoFundMe receives more money than we require, all surplus monies will be sent to or a comparable organization.

We have all spent countless hours over the past month as suppliers determining what the next steps are. We require your assistance because the legal costs to combat this are prohibitive.