Managing a repair business can be overwhelming.  At eTech, here are a few tasks that we do monthly, and we recommend all repair business’s do at least once a quarter.

It’s time to do a little spring cleaning!


  • Inventory Counts – Complete to ensure that all inventory counts are correct and that any damaged or missing inventory is reconciled.
  • Spare Parts – It is easy to start collecting scrap devices and parts as they become available through the day-to-day repairs. This can quickly become an issue when you end up with older parts that are no longer relevant or too many of the same part. This causes clutter and takes up valuable shop space.
  • Clean or Replace Old Tools – Use isopropyl alcohol to wipe down all your tools ensuring that any adhesive residue or dirt and grime is removed. Inspect the tips of your spudgers, screwdrivers, tweezers, and other small hand tools. If any are bent or chipped, it is time to replace them and prevent any damage they may cause to a device and ensure that you are prepared for the next repair.
  • Clean Area – A quick wipe down of workspaces and counters with Clorox wipes or alcohol to clean up your repair mat and customer facing counters brings life back into the spaces. If the anti-static mat you’ve been using for years has a few more burn marks or punctures than you’d like, this is a perfect time to replace.
  • Device Inventory – Charge up any used devices you have for sale and check the battery health. If any have below an 85% battery health, it’s a good time to drop a new battery in renewing the life of the device and a good selling point to customers that are interested in purchasing.
  • YTD Sales and Expenses – We’re already a full quarter into the year so if this hasn’t been done already it is a great time to see where the business stands by comparing your sales and expense numbers and identifying the current profitability status. This will either confirm that you’re going in the right direction or that some changes need to be made to certain aspects of the business such as marketing, reducing expenses, or right sizing team to turn the ship around in a better direction.

The thought of organizing a cluttered shop seems painful, but you’ve got to take action! Creating a sustainable organizational system can not only boost productivity but take some stress of you and your staff. It’s important to know that no two shops are the same and your system may need adjusting as you find what works and what doesn’t. You don’t need fancy containers or a label maker, find a way to utilize what you have in a way that makes sense for your shop.  While cleaning, be sure to hold onto any broken LCD’s you find, we will buy them from you! Click here to initiate a buyback.