We've had the iPad 2 digitizer and front glass in stock for a few weeks now but we just received our first huge shipment of iPad 2 Parts.  We have a large list of parts available.

  • iPad 2 Digitizer and Glass in White
  • iPad 2 LCD Screen
  • iPad 2 Headphone jack for the wifi version
  • iPad 2 Headphone jack with sim card dock for 3G
  • ipad 2 button kit
  • iPad 2 Antenna cable
  • iPad 2 Bluetooth cable
  • iPad 2 Wifi Cable
  • iPad 2 Battery

That's just about everything you might need for iPad 2 Repair.  We'll have the iPad 2 back covers available in the next week or so.  Take a look at our iPad 2 Parts page here.

ipad 2 digitizer and glass