Its been a big day around here with a lot of talk and excitement around Apples new iPad.  iPad? Not sure if I love the name but the device is certainly interesting.  I cant wait to get my hands on one and tear it apart :)

After things settled down today I decided I would open up a pair of these sound isolating iPhone Headphones and see how good they are. We have been selling them for a couple months now and wish I had grabbed a pair a when we first got them. I loved them so much I was compelled to blog about it!  I was very surprised at the sound quality. They sound extremely good and they stay in my ear very well. I'm listening to Black Eyed Peas right now and the bass is fantastic.  10 times better the my Original Apple earphones.  The call function also works well and when I had Troy on the other end he said "the microphone sounded great".  Admittedly, there are two things that could be improved. The look of the mic and play/send switch is a bit cheap and they dont have a volume control function.  All in all these are great earphones for the money and I'll setup a coupon today to give blog readers $5 off.  Use coupon code "bigbass".Try them out and let me know what you think.

Have a great day!