Over the past few months, we’ve improved our buyback process to offer the wireless repair industry’s simplest broken screen recycling solution. With daylight saving’s time this weekend and Spring right around the corner, what better time to clean shop and clear out those old, broken Samsung and iPhone screens?

Now through the end of March, recycle 50+ screens with eTech and we’ll give you an extra 5% bonus on your total buyback!


eTech Parts Screen Buyback
That’s an additional 5% on your entire buyback. This added bonus won’t last long — and the longer those screens sit in the corner of your shop, the less value you’ll get out of them overall.

Learn more about our eTech Buyback Program and follow the steps below to submit your buyback request.


  1. Login to your eTech wholesale account
  2. Go to etechparts.com/buyback
  3. Fill out form & submit buyback request
  4. Carefully package broken screens
  5. Ship within 7 days of request


And that’s it! eTech makes it easy to get more money for your broken screens, with a better yield and faster turnaround than other recycling services. As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need assistance with your buyback request.