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Stay Connected: Meet Your eTech Representative

You're stressed out.

Your customer is having a bad day, and you're trying to help them, but there's a problem. It's been a busy week already and you're about to run out of replacement screens for use with the iPhone 5s. It's only noon on a Wednesday. What do you do?

Call (or email) your eTech Representative! Thankfully, you have a partner in repair who can get you quality repair parts overnight. In fact, there is even a map to get you connected with the right person for the job quickly. And once you have connected with your representative, they will connect with additional eTech employees that were hand-picked to help you and your business.

Let's say your shop is in South Carolina, so you call Caedrynn. He makes sure your order gets in the system correctly and ensures your parts will arrive on time - and all with a smile. Before hanging up, you remember you wanted advice on an issue in your repair shop. Caedrynn makes sure you get the information you need to make the best decision for your smartphone repair business.

Let us help. That's why we're here. Besides, running a business is stressful enough.

We serve tablet and cell phone repair shops all over the USA and beyond, and have been serving them for years. Not only do we help our customers over the phone, we are also out in repair shops every week working alongside owners and technicians. Many of you already know about our drop-in visits. Our goal is to create and strengthen standards in the wireless repair industry by helping phone and tablet repair shops, like yours, succeed. Our eTech Representatives are out in the field every day solving industry-wide problems in real-time. In this ever-changing industry, we know how important it is to keep you up to speed - and we like to do that in person when possible. 

We believe this map will be a great way for you to put the face to the name of the representatives serving you if you need to reach out for help. As our team grows, we hope this is an easy way to get to know your eTech Representatives. We want to make working with us as easy as possible, so here is a quick way to find the correct person to contact. Who knows, we may be stopping by any day to offer tailored solutions to your wireless repair business.ETech On the Road Wireless Repair BusinessDon't forget to check out our social media posts to learn more about the eTech team members that work so hard behind the scenes and to get to know other members of the wireless repair industry!

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