Always on the lookout for quality products, we are excited to announce a new partnership with LCDGlue. This quality Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (LOCA) is cured using ultraviolet light. Use of LOCA in wireless repair includes bonding OLED and LCD units to new glass during glass-only repairs. Technicians choose LOCA when transparency is non-negotiable.

Why LCD Glue and the Reasons eTech Training prefers it:

Here at eTech Parts and eTech Training we pride ourselves in supplying high quality parts and tools. With this in mind, we are now carrying LCD Glue and it is what we consider the highest quality LOCA (liquid optical clear adhesive) for glass only refurbishment. Listed below are some of the major reasons we use LCD Glue compared to other brands on the market.

Why LCD Glue:
  • Clarity : Most brands of LOCA will start to show a “yellowing” after curing the adhesive under a UV light or after several weeks of refurbishing. LCD Glue has yet to show any yellowing at all. This product also has a clarity of 99.5%. You can see the difference in how vivid and clear the LCD Glue is compared to other LOCA products.
  • Shelf life: LCD Glue has a shelf life of 1 year. The product comes in completely blacked out tubes so there is no possibility of UV rays diminishing the life of the LOCA.
  • Ease of use: LCD Glue is easy to work with and has fast curing time under a UV light. This makes it easier to fix mistakes during the refurbishment process and also allows for quicker clean-up time.

What is LOCA?

In the wireless repair industry Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive, or LOCA, is a liquid adhesive used to seal new glass onto the functional LCD screen. Applying LOCA can be tricky when you first get into glass only repair. You don’t want bubbles to form, alignment must be perfect, and evenly spread out.

What is OCA?

When used in technology repair Optical Clear Adhesive, or OCA, comes in a solid adhesive sheet that is cut precisely to the size on the device screen. To apply, you simply place the sheet onto the LCD. A major issue with OCA are bubbles are forming between the glass and adhesive sheet. These bubbles can be removed with equipment, but these machines are bought for a high price.

What is LCD Refurbishment/Refurbishing? What is glass-only repair?

loca-glass-drop_compactWhether you’re considering getting into the wireless repair industry or you have been a member of the wireless repair community for awhile but are looking for an opportunity to boost profits, glass-only repairs may be the way to do. Repair technicians can increase their profits by offering glass-only methods of repair. What is a glass-only repair? Removing the broken glass from a functional LCD may provide you with less overhead, higher profit margins, and make help insulate your cell phone and tablet repair business from industry-wide LCD shortages. Glass-only repair can be performed on Samsung and iPhone series devices. Profitability of glass-only repair often depends on the age and series of the device.

Why do wireless repair shops choose glass-only repair methods?

loca-process_compactMany cellphone repair shops have begun performing glass-only repairs during times of LCD shortages out of necessity then continued when they discovered they could save costs on complete assemblies. These methods are specifically cost effective for Samsung since those parts are so expensive. Since glass-only repair doesn’t require purchasing a new LCD and Digitizer Assembly, these screen repairs can be done for a fraction of the cost. Removing broken glass from a smartphone with a functioning display reduces the cost of the replacement parts for wireless repair. If your electronic repair shop is capable of providing glass-only repairs, and it is cost-effective to perform this repair for the customer’s device, you’ll be able to offer competitive pricing to your customers.

Salvaging the LCD not only may save you, and your customer, money but it is also better for the environment than tossing it into a landfill. This popular repair where you repair only the glass, rather than swapping LCDs, grew in popularity during times of industry-wide screen shortages. Glass-only repair is a way to ensure your cellphone repair shop can weather the storm and continue to provide screen repair services even when a screen replacement is not an option.

Those learning glass-only repair may painstakingly remove the glass but be dissatisfied with the results. To learn the most efficient techniques, sign up for our glass-only course. If you’re interested in learning how to perform glass-only repairs of iPhone and Samsung devices, or would like to get a technician trained, here is more information. Another benefit to eTech Training is using the latest equipment, like Hakko soldering stations. You can also view our wide selection of glass only repair tools.

Why should you buy equipment for glass-only repair from eTech Parts?

loca-glass-drop-3_compactEquipment you find online may be unsuitable for small businesses or for use in the USA. Mobile repair technicians face additional struggles to find portable equipment. Our technicians search every day to find the most quality equipment to fit the needs of the wireless repair community. If you're unsure what equipment is best for your cell phone and tablet repair business, you can always call and talk to our dedicated customer service and technical support teams!

If you have considered glass-only repair and do not feel it is feasible for your wireless repair business, don’t just let those streams of revenue sit around collecting dust. Take advantage of this additional revenue stream by recycling with our buyback program and make money for damaged glass on displays. Click here for updated pricing.