Some of you may have noticed eTech Parts has revamped its logo this week. Many of you are thinking about logos and names as you set up your new repair shop, so I thought I'd give you a quick overview of the process. It's easy when you start your business to have a friend draft something, put it up on your business cards or website and forget about it once you get busy repairing. As you grow though, it is important to revisit what your customers almost always see first to ensure it projects the right impression.

One of the reasons for the redesign was that our vision has become clearer over the years and we wanted our logo to project a clearer more professional image to our customers. Our vision by the way is to be the one-stop shop for the mobile device repair community, ensuring they have the best parts and tools available to be successful, while providing out-of-this-world customer service experiences.


We cater to thousands of repair shops, schools, universities and refurbishers across the globe and we felt it was time to breathe new life into the old logo. We wanted to keep the original colors but emphasize etech, as most of you call us that for short, and have a symbol that on its own, people could identify with etech.

Since we're an internet company we thought we'd give a try. It was an excellent experience and their customer service is almost as good as eTech Parts' - just kidding, they're very responsive and super helpful. So, after reviewing 125 designs from 29 domestic and international designers, we settled on this logo from a designer from Serbia.

The process is simple. You provide the name you want in your logo, your slogan, a description of your organization, your products and target audience. You indicate which logos you like most and can even upload some examples. Their website is easy to use and you can communicate with the designers privately on each of their designs.

You go through one round where you narrow down the designers you like most. In the second round you narrow it down to the designs you like. Then you select the winning design.

It's fairly simple and it's a fun process. If you try it and have a new logo from this process, please share it with us! Heck, if you love your current logo design, share that too!

Happy repairing...

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