Technology is a forever-evolving industry with revolutionizing inventions and discoveries happening daily. It seems at least once a week I’m blown away by the advancement of technology and the role it plays in our everyday lives. When eTech Parts purchased a MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D Printer, I was amazed by the ease of use and the simple fact that you can develop a design for anything you want and then print it out. After printing a plastic toy dragon, a couple plastic stretch bracelets and some other odds and ends, our minds were filled to the brim with things we could create with this amazing tool.




Unfortunately, developing designs for 3D Printing takes a lot of concentration, and employees at eTech Parts are all intently focused on serving our wholesale customers. So we came up with a plan: why not let our customers do the designing, and we’ll do the printing? Customers can send in prints of a design or a completed 3D Design and we’ll print it for them – at no cost! There are several programs for 3D Printing available, many of which are available for free.

People have created some truly amazing things with the adaption of 3D Printing technology...




Like this 3D Printed Guitar, created by Olaf Diegel of ODD Guitars. The detail and intricacies included in each 3D Printed guitar is simply amazing.




...and this revolver case for the iPhone 4, printed by Shapeways, includes a USB cradle with room for cable installation.




...and a brand new 3D Printed beak for a Bald Eagle!




How about a 3D Printed pair of high heels - complete with room for your iPhone!




Or a new 3D Printed ear, if you lost yours.


So, if you're interested in sending in your 3D creations for us to print at no cost, please contact us to get started!

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