Tablets are outselling PCs worldwide as consumers continue to find more great ways to utilize this amazing technology. Apple has sold over 170 million iPads since its release in 2010 and as more people switch to using tablets that number will continue to grow. Following the release of the iPad Air there will surely be an influx of people choosing to upgrade, as many consumers are still using the iPad 2. As of now the iPad 2 represents 38% of the global iOS tablet share, as reported by Localytics.




What does this mean for repair shop owners? In short, don’t feel pressured to drop your price for iPad 2 repairs just yet. The market is still strong and since Apple is continuing to sell the iPad 2 as their base level product, the iPad 2 market share will continue to grow. After hearing that Apple was continuing to sell the iPad 2, we got curious as to how much our Repair Community members are charging for this repair.

So we took to Facebook to find out!


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The data collected results in an average $135 for iPad 2 glass replacement – a very fair price in our opinion!

If you're feeling pressured to lower your price for iPad 2 glass repair because your competition is charging much lower, stop and think before jumping on the price-match bandwagon. Many people don’t realize how difficult this repair can be, how many things can go wrong and how time consuming it is. It can help to educate your customer on the details of the repair to validate the price for the repair in their minds, and to help them realize it's a lot closer to a surgical operation than a simple part swap.

Take the quality of the parts you use into consideration as well. There are many differing grades of quality available on the market, but with eTech Parts as your partner-in-repair you'll only get the best! Don't miss out on the conversation; LIKE us on Facebook to join the Repair Community and let your voice be heard.